Noob question thread! ๐Ÿ˜€ ask your questions here!

Ahh perfect, MG Chemicals is the only good one or is there an off brand of choice?

Do I put a dash of acetone or isopropyl on to clean it first?

Not sure. I can tell you that MG makes good shit. I have a bottle of their flux and it works like a charm - very fast wet-out and easy cleanup. They sell on Amazon IIRC.

As long as your boards arenโ€™t greasy, you should be good to just start painting it on. A couple very light layers is better than one heavy one.

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Amazon has it for $13/55ml for both conformal coating compounds

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Thatโ€™s a pretty good deal. One bottle each should last you many, many boards.

Many many mistakes you mean? :joy:

What do for all the ports and stuff?

Iโ€™d go right up to them with the coating, and then put a little dielectric grease in them before plugging together. @B264 has more experience with this than I, hopefully we can coax a couple pearls of wisdom out of him.

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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You donโ€™t what you are doing. This wonโ€™t end well.



Am I able to use a mouse pad as the foam on the inside of my enclosure? I have a some extra large mouse pads that im not usingโ€ฆ and I dont feel like going to the store :joy:

I doubt they are conductive/able to short my stuff outโ€ฆ right?

40.8V is not the nominal voltage of the cells. 36V would be that.

Can someone answer these two questions please ?

  1. Not really, those are good components at good prices. Only way to save is skimp on quality or wait for sales.


  3. Search function is the weird shape Q at the top of the screen

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Look for e-boards shop on eBayโ€ฆcheap alternatives but legit quality, catch is shipping time (8-12 days)

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The calculator canโ€™t calculate it with 15T 38T that he is using. It doesnโ€™t show 12mm width as an option

The belt width wonโ€™t affect any variables in the calculator


I got half way though my balance leads before I realized this BMS has only 12 leads, do I not connect the positive terminal or the negative terminal? I assume the negative terminal gets skipped since it uses a hard connection for it

Yes; correct. Some have B0 (0.0V), some donโ€™t. Just use B1 (4.2V) through B12 (50.4V)

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My calculations say a 275 should do it. That mount has quite a bit of adjustment in it, so one size either way shouldnโ€™t hurt.

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You can use a hand drill with a long socket so you get the same depth


Iโ€™d use M4 or M5 to hold enclosures. With loctite.


making a 12S3P pack. Just making sure that I got it right. Planning to make three 4S3P packs and place them in series to make 12S3P. Each 4S3P pack is 6 cells wide and 2 cells thick.

  1. Is this correct?
  2. Do I attach the positive side of each 1S3P cell to make the BMS balance wire?