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Noob question thread! πŸ˜€ ask your questions here!


With the surge in new members lately, I think it would be appropriate to dedicate a thread to asking questions that experienced members can answer.

Solving the problem of noob questions
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How does the parallel and series part work in a battery?
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Help for choose a female plug
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Bindings In longboard
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Need some help with 2x6s lipo charging solution
Is the price per hole? Or for all 8?

What’s a noob?


if you must ask…you are! :grin: BTW so am I.


Noob -
noun - informal
a person who is inexperienced in a particular sphere or activity, especially computing or the use of the Internet.


hit us up with your questions!


Sure, I’ll bite.

Been reading a lot but there is still a ton I don’t know. Looking for assistance on what to buy. The big items are fairly easy to figure out. What about the smaller items. The right gauge wires, connectors, heat tube, spark suppressors, some switch thingy with a key in it. A list of the little things that no build can do without.


10 awg in our case

5.5mm bullet connectors for high amp systems, but most of the time 4mm is fine.

anything works

XT90s is what you are looking for.



How do you make the key switch work with the anti spark switch?


So you want to buy the components for a DIY build or do you want something like a complete kit?
I purchased a dual Raptor and put it together one morning before work watching the video. It was fun and easy. I am waiting on the electronics which will be here soon. NOOB=KIT


You should simply need to wire the key switch to the same places as the included switch. You’ll also need a key switch that will allow you to remove the key in the on position, so that the key is easier to keep track of.


I’m building my first electric longboard and I want to know what kind of amp rating should I look for in a bms circuit? would 15 amp one be good enough?

I’m using:

a turnigy aerodrive 6364 kv 213
a fvt 120a esc
and two turnigy 3s 5000mah 40c lipo batteries wired in series.


People tend to use 60 or 80 amp BMS boards.


Ahh, good thread. I’m sitll on Lipos right now and one of my 3S lipo is stuck around 3.8X while the other two cells are near 4.2. Is it possible to save it? I think I’ve read to discharge it down low, then slowly balance charge it back up?


What’s a good multi meter to get?
Probably auto ranging and USB charging


There are pro and cons of digital vs analog multimeters… The purpose determines which multimeter you need and how expensive it has to be :wink:


Which one do you have?


Make a noob add noob to the glossary. Then we can remove it and make another noob add noob to the glossary.


I use a cheap digital multimeter from my father but currently i do not use it often. Atm no need for it…
Unless you dont want to make β€œscientific” stuff a digital multimeter would be sufficient.


i use a $20 multimeter from a local hobby shop. All i need it for is measuring voltage at various points in the build to track down bad components and also for figuring out if i have a bad connection somewhere. Its very handy, but most importantly, its red.


Can somebody help me install this 3 wire volt meter ? Do I need a resistor ?