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Who plays Video Games?


Hah, you just offended an entire country.

Also, agree with u at least ur, not in Japan they have anime cafes.


I cant stand anime either


GAMING SYSTEM: Many (all?) heavily modded Japanese consoles here (collector) and I enjoy breathing new life into older electronics and vehicles for fun.

This is a 1971 Sharp Model 3S-111R with an internal Raspberry Pi 3 / custom DAC converter / copper shielding / custom BT antenna / and an internal laptop battery (*still uses C batteries for TV).

(this started bc I wanted to watch Kung Fu, poolside)

The emulators and games selected represent the very best video games I could find, anywhere, from the 1960s and 1970s, along with every episode of ‘Kung Fu’, starring David Carradine.

Everything original was preserved down to the diode. Smells like a toasted phone book. :wink:

As with my upcoming '80s electric thrasher builds, I really strive to find that balance between historic authenticity and modern convenience.

GAMES I PLAY: lately, Persona 5 on PS4


I don’t think bashing anime has a place here, and it’s totally off topic.
Let people enjoy what they like without judging.

Back to the subject:
I currently play on PS4 and PC, but not much. Latest game I played was Crash Bandicoot remastered on PS4.


I don’t really like consoles too.much, played a lot of guitar hero but that’s about it. I played Warcraft for a couple of years, nothing since…well ingress, but I’m not sure it counts.


My fucking god thats cancer
But doki doki literature club is different, if you check the tags it says Psychological horror, and only people who played the game know how terrifying it is and how it can keep you up at night


XB: Scepterr69
All the Forzas :yum:

And this :smiley:


Yeah I know about the game. That’'s why i’ll never play it.


None of my friends who played it slept the day they got to see some special scenes :wink:


My other gaming is on my DIY countertop Arcade cabinet from 2010 and 2016 RetroPie Gameboy



Gonna start an anime thread so then we don’t derail his thread too much.


GAMING SYSTEM: PC 1st generation i7 CPU 6GB of RAM, 8GB video RAM, GTX 1060, usually streaming at 1080 through steam link to 42" TV

GAMER TAG: wafflejock

GAMES I PLAY: Ark (rarely now), Besiege, Kerbal Space Program (KSP), Civilization (when I need to burn a few days)

Also had a retro pi in an original xbox here for a bit, but was a friends pi was just helping him fit it into the old box and run the USB ports in place of the controller ports… don’t seem to have any pics unfortunately but Contra is still great, beat it with the cheat code.


Are we all measuring dickies now? Pc Spec war incoming?


haha I’m sorry but PC is just so generic :slight_smile:


New and original Anime thread


Oh my… 10char


Like alot of people have said I don’t have much time to play any games nowadays. However when I do it’s mainly, PUBG, Arma 3, R6, Star Citizen or Dirt Rally. A bit of VRchat lately, so stupid yet fun lol.

System: PC (Ryzen 1600, GTX 1060)
Tag: JdogAwesome


Yay persona! I put 174 hours in my first play through lol


Crash is so hard on ps4. I gave up and went back to persona lol