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Who plays Video Games?


I haven’t done online gaming for so long.
The last time was playing Motorcross Madness on my PC running Windows 98 on the Microsoft gaming network.
Started with a dial up modem.


I’m a rusty gamer, too many games to list and slacked off for some months but as far as multiplayer goes :

I’ll wipe the floor on any car racing game you want! Pick your poison, come and see :japanese_ogre:

Next I’ll take you on Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, Left 4 Dead 2, Dirt 3 zombie mod… damn guys you’re bringing back memories !

BTW my Steam and PSN ID should be seventaliji but not sure, need to double check.

So who wanna get a butt spanking ? :laughing:



GAMER TAG: Pr0dy,, Canadian Prodigy

GAMES I PLAY: CS:GO, PUBG, Arma 3, R6 Siege



GAMER TAG: marillo69

GAMES I PLAY: bf4, bf1, gta v, fifa 18, dirt, assetto corsa, mxgp 2, Assassin’s Creed (black flag, unity, Syndicate), horizon



GAMER TAG: Lumaci (I have a few different ones so just dm for name)

GAMES I PLAY: Destiny 2, Rust GTA BF1 BF4 many other games i have 200 ish on steam.



GAMER TAG: pedrodemio

GAMES I PLAY: GTA V, BF4, Spintires: Mudrunner, Rocket League,




GAME I PLAY: Weab of Wegends


The Switch has reinvigorated my love of video games…Doom lately has been fun, but Zelda and Mario were bar none the best gaming experiences I’ve had and they both came out last year…Nintendo ftw


Man, I want to buy my kids a switch… I want to play on the switch… Really, I want a switch, I hope my kids play with me :grinning:


Do it…it’s the best


Im in with the PC mustard race
Steam : ARetardedPillow

Im in here with the 1070😎

I play League, Cs go, GTAV, DOOM, Brawlhalla, Osu😂, L4d2. Have PUBG and OW, but don’t really play them.

Shoot me a pm or @me if you add me on steam, theres way too many scammers that want my knife



System: PS4/PS Vita/pc
Username: Kameya87
Games: I have a lot of games but very little time to play. I mainly play JRPGs. I’m on my second play through of persona 5 to get 100% :grinning: I love those games. And disgaea, mainly 1 player games but I want to get back to gta v at some point. I built my pc, wish I had more time for gaming but single mom life. Mainly its used for my studio.


Game system: PS4
Gamer Tag: Boneman05
Games I played: Assassins Creed Orgins, COD WW2, uncharted 4


Gaming since C64 over PCs, then PS3 (PC hardware upgrades were too much).

But then switched to real world gaming or “gaming” like FPV flying and also was huge on Ingress. Fun times.

Nowadays, no more time, gotta prioritize. Drones & esk8, I rather take it for a spin than look at Loading… screens. I still get and play some games after Steam sales heh :wink:


Who here has played doki doki literarure club?



GAMER TAG: Aggdaddy on Steam, AggroMighty on XB1

GAMES I PLAY:. DIABLO 3, Minecraft, Destiny 2 are the latest.

I used to get down on some Doom and Command and Conquer, NBA Live and whatever else in the nineties to 2002. After that, had to go make that money. Trying to stay out of the games nowadays and go outside. Ride the bike, the skateboard or get my FPV on is what’s up these days.


Alright @Aggdaddy , look for my friend request for Destiny 2 on XB1! SendersGame


GAMING SYSTEM: PC - Steam, none of the Ubisoft shit.

GAMER TAG: Yelnats8j

GAMES I PLAY: Player Unknow’s battleground, Forza Horizon 3, fallout new vegas, and Axiom Verge.


sorry to everyone I offended :rofl:

i just think anime is a disgrace to the human race