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Who plays Video Games?


Alright, I know this is disastrously off topic from Es8, but why not? I have so much fun on here, and due to the nerdy nature of this forum, I figure there must be a few of you on here who also like to play some games. If not, why the hell did you click on this topic?

So I think it would be cool while I’m on the ole XBOX1 and blastin’ bad guys to also be having a discussion about all of our recent projects, or upcoming es8 trends, or whatever beer I’m drinking tonight, or whatever.

So here is my thought, if you play video games and think it would be cool to link up with other people from the forum come here and post some thing like this:




For me:


GAMER TAG: SendersGame

GAMES I PLAY: Fortnite, Destiny 2, Player Unknown Battleground.

Somebody hit me up, post your tag, or let the community what you like to play when you’re not building bad ass Electric Skateboards.


Doom for PS4 in arcade mode is the only thing i have time for. i only get 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there at most any more. On occasion, The Deadly Tower Of Monsters.


Gaming System: PC
Tag: SirDiff
Games: Used to play CS:GO, Battlefield 4, then Fortnite and i just bought Escape from Tarkov and it’s amazing, I’m losing the little social life I had before, LOL.


Doom? What is this? The early 90s :wink:


I should ban you immediately for concatenating the phrase “DOOM” with “what is this” but i’m just inflamed with hostility because somebody said something about DOOM that wasn’t absolute praise and should be beaten with chansaws and shotguns and bats with Carmack’s face on them.

DOOM IS. I was up till past midnight on my daddy’s 486 DX2 many a night with my headphones plugged into that sound blaster. I played all those levels 100 times and played all the DOOM 2 levels 100 more.

i bought a brand new Dell when Doom 3 game out and now i have every doom pack that ever existed in my Steam collection.

i bought DOOM for PS4 the day it came out. Some of the first riffs i learned on guitar were from DOOM.

My favorite episode of Invader Zim is when they sing the DOOM song.



GAMER TAG: za_russianfsneak

GAMES I PLAY: CODww2 specifically SnD

I didnt know you can get ‘other games’ ??


also the last memorable game i played on my PC was Bioshock Infinite with dual GTX 650s in SLI.


LOL, I loved DOOM when I was a wee lad, but you know, I became a man. Now I do manly things. It just goes to show you, some people never grow up :joy:



GAMER TAG: NSF_Squishy or just Squishy

GAMES I PLAY: Battlefield One at the moment


IDK @Sender to gain health in DOOM you have to slice demons from hell in half with a chainsaw, it’s pretty manly!


True, true. A space marine in a war on HELL is pretty manly…


my fallback lazy time is 3min blitz on chess.com. the things i couldve done with my life if I wasn’t playing chess.


oh shit. i stepped in machismo. Anyone got something i can scrape this off with?


I used to play lots of videogames, but haven’t played much for past 10 years.
Some time ago i started Chrono Trigger on SNES. The save corrupted when i were (i think) 2/3 of game.
Recently i started playing Fallout 4 on PS4. Somehow i skipped the Fallout 3. Oh well, they aren’t in chronological order anyways.

Although i don’t play much, i still make reproduction games for NES and SNES more than i spend time in playing :laughing:


GAMING SYSTEM: Gamecube/pc


GAMES I PLAY: LoZ TP, TF2 (respectively)


I enjoyed a lot doom 2016 pc. Very nice update.
Also loved duke nukem forever (don’t say it, I know)
Lately I play Nothing but I plan to play a few as soon as I have some time



GAMER TAG: ThermalM16 (who could have guessed, right?)

GAMES I PLAY: Arma 3, BF1, lots of VR games

Does anyone else have an HTC Vive on here?


I think I was 14 when my friends and I figured out how to changed the image files in DOOM, and made the bazooka shoot chickens and blood splatters became feathers. DOOM was literally the reason I ended up majoring in computer science!

I’m sure this hobby might turn a bunch of “kids” into certified engineers one day!

I never played any consoles because I’m really bad with hand controller. I love PC FPS games WASD and mouse FTW


GAMER TAG: Mikenopolis

GAMES I PLAY: CS:GO, Just Cause 3, Left 4 Dead


Dont you get ammo for doing that? For getting health you just need glory kills


Y’all console scrubs phhhhhh.


Im not werid :slight_smile:

Just read the topic. I see some people do play PC.