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Who plays Video Games?


I played all of them on PS1, I didn’t notice a difference on PS4 :grin:


I did too but I was stuck on the 1st one and didn’t want to skip to the 3rd which was my favorite.


The first one is the hardest one, you should totally skip it :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll have to look that up. I have persona golden for my ps vita. Lol


I’m so addicted to persona that I bought golden twice. One in English and made a Japanese 日本 account, bought a foreign ps gift card, and bought the Japanese version to help me learn Japanese lol. The storylines are awesome.


there is no substitute for manga culture. it’s their jazz. :slight_smile:

last year we were (bored) in Colorado so I played Elder Scrolls Online to like, the end.

big guild, led nerds on raids! and it was like Sword Art Online (:sunny: anime alert:) - but ESO has no style…

I tried my best tho by spending (way too much) on character appearance upgrades to replicate the banker everyone has, Tythis.

Behold: Tythis Unleashed :slight_smile: the only Banker ever to lead all-vet trials ha

I never play anymore but the guild (NinjaBladeCartel) is still there, waiting for me to get injured again :slight_smile:


I need to get back into elder scrolls. It’s so time consuming though


Ps4 battlefield 1 foe the moment, and been waiting on god of war since 2012. :slight_smile:


Hey I just started playing chess. A game someday? :smile:


An old addiction, SimCity :yum:


System: PC
Gamertag: Pathaim
Use to play CSGO quite allot but since then i haven’t found a good game to get into, played abit of battlefield LoL and six siege

^ if anyone wants to play anything hit me up



GAMER TAG: Kevmaaann

GAMES I PLAY: COD (WW2 most recently), Player Unknown: Battlegrounds

I hear ya with Doom @longhairedboy, I used to play that on old DX2/66 machines over our local network where I used to work when I was 16/17 with about 5 other guys!! It was amazing! :rofl::grin:

Feel free to add me if you want to play either WW2 or PUBG anyone?



GAMER TAG: landonkun1 (PSN), landonkun (Steam)

GAMES I PLAY: PUBG, Destiny 2, Rocket League, Awesomenauts (PC), and a shitload of others on PS4.

I’m not even a fan of anime, but dude… don’t be a weenie.


i did 12mill combo in tony hawk pro skater 4 no cheats required


Ain’t gona lie doom is and always will be sick,when I was younger my mate used to come round and we would have winner stays on multiplayer 2 tvs so you couldn’t cheat!!
Even my dad would play and invite his mate round…good times!!
Duke nukem was sick too!!


I like those things. I have a full size coin op cabinet with a pc inside and lots of emulators. Mame mostly. Sadly I have no room for it where I live now and it is rotting at my bro’s garage. I hope I can recover it Someday.


Have you tried this one?


I like the wii :smile:


All right Bernadette :slight_smile:


I am surprised that no one mentioned Injuctice2 or MKX :cry: