Wanted Cheap or Free...in progress [REQUESTS ONLY]

Anyone have two 400mm htd5 belts, preferably 15mm wide? Also, does anyone have a spare 6x2 inner tube? I’m trying to get my board running the 6x2 pneumatics from aliexpress but one came with a leak. I could always go to the hardware store, but if someone has three M6 bolts, 45mm length, that they could ship with the other things it would be greatly appreciated.

Does anyone have some extra scrap pieces of red griptape? Enough to make a couple 3-4" circles? I’m working on a custom griptape design for my Spud, and this is last bit that I need. I’m based in the US. Thanks!

Does anyone, in the USA, have a spare NESE tab set? I’ll pay whatever you paid for the parts+shipping and shipping to me.

@Itsmedant maybe?

I got a full 12s4p set…kinda wanted to get rid of all of it at once but I understand if you only needed one tab.

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@Itsmedant, is that one whole strip? I.e. 8P? Or broken up into 4P? I already have a ton of 4P, I wanted 5P.


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just posted below/above…same response :wink:

Need some weathering foam and a few speed washers

for your case? I dont use foam i use a “rubber” type…check this vid and lemme know…i have a huge ass sheet I can cut strips off… …linked to part about seal…

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Anyone have 2 m3 55mm long bolts. My hardware store ran out and shipping for china takes like 4 weeks.


McMaster Carr is probably your best bet usually same day or next day delivery.


anyone selling an evolve enclosure? Located in Australia

Anyone wanna send me some 10mm bore pulley gears I just need two

I would check out @dickyho shop

Super cheap.


@yelnats8j anyone from the us the delivery date says April 19

I have two just sitting in my bin box. I think they are 16t. No keyway slot

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@pookybear cool are you in the states

Yup. Socal.


@pookybear lmk where we can meet up. I pm’d you