Wanted Cheap or Free...in progress [REQUESTS ONLY]

Gives you an extra to try modifying without worrying about messing up the remote for your board.

Be gentle with the power switch. It will be the first part to fail if you’re not gentle with it.


I’ve got it modded into the fish hook. And now I have a regular backup. Thanks for the tip! I’ll be careful with it.

I may scoop up one of the new flipsky remotes to try out too, they look pretty nice.

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Can confirm :confused:

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Yes the power switch dose fail. The one I have is acting strange. I might have to buy another set. I had 2 sets and gave one away now this one is acting up. Life!

You have to be very gentle with it when you turn it on and off. If you have one that doesn’t work, use a pushpin or the tip of a pocket knife to gently turn it on and off. And be gentler with the next one.

My remote could turn on but if I touch the switch while it is on the remote would power off for a second. That second is very scary when I am going down hill.

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Buying broken shreadlights, the red or white kind. Looking to get 2x Red and 2x White

Im Upstate NY, USA 13502

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Looking for 325mm hdt5m 15mm belts. I had a seller in china that I buy belts from but it takes 4 weeks to get the parts.

Thank you.

I got some from home depot and lowes, check them out. Check ebay also.

Around here, Home Depot and Lowes and Menard’s only have FUB. I’d order online if you’re in the USA.


That’s so weird. Not sure I’ve ever been to a hardware store without a metric section.

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Yeah any metric selection at hardware stores around me is super limited

They have a “metric section”.

It’s one single drawer.

One drawer.

Then, 57 aisles and 3 football fields worth of FUB (Freedom Unit Bullshit)


And that one drawer has nothing longer than 25mm


if you need something just get it online, I dont know any hardware stores near me that stock the things I need

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There is one hardware store near here that stocks metric stuff … it’s the tiny family-owned place that’s been open since like 1875 (I’m guessing here) … and the only store like it in the entire metropolitan area.

Any chain or corporate-owned place, don’t even waste your time going there.

I’m talking about the kind of place that still uses pencil and paper to complete every sale (no barcodes or computers or cash registers) and some of the shit for sale looks like it was made in 1875


There was a shop near me like that, but a lowes got built and put it out of business. :sob::disappointed_relieved:


I am hoping someone has 3 qty of 5P(or higher) NESE tabs, to sell/exchange.

I have lots of new 4P and 3P tabs if you are willing to exchange.

Here in SF I go to Cole Hardware. Is family owned with stores in major neighborhoods and is very old like that one @b264 mentioned in St Louis. This one has a complete Metric section. I recently found some stiff M5 black Nylon washers that I positioned over @moon’s carbon I-Things slots because the black steel - internal hex socket head cap screws I used came out with narrow heads which weakened the I-Things slot opening.