Wanted Cheap or Free...in progress [REQUESTS ONLY]

I have commitments this weekend. I can ship it to you.

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Hey guys I lost the hex key I used for assembling/tightening the motor pulley. I’m not sure what size it is but you guys probably know. Anyone got a spare?

I don’t want to drop another 30 euro on new set :sweat_smile:

It’s probably 2mm, but if you use anything other than a “Wera Hex Plus” key you will probably strip it out.

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I believe @Eboostin is

Need some shrink wrap for a double stack 12s6p 30q Willing too pay. I keep buying the wrong size :tired_face:


who has…

  • 24 inserts with screws
  • 1.5" truck hardware
  • gasket material?

East coast US

24 is good chunk… but i just got these hella cheap off amazon with enough extras for a second build.

i got a few 10mm bore 15t 15mm wide… aluminum… $5ea maybe?

Looking for a couple (2-4) 5m-330-15 belts.

The Canadian struggle is real. Shipping is so expensive from most online stores :frowning:

Just curious, is shipping from a US resident equally expensive?

Just got this gift basket from my Canadian neighbor this morning.


No, because you can throw them in an envelope, whereas a lot of online retailers have to do proper packaging, tracking, etc.

Literally was just eating these:


They’re ridiculously good. I was going to place an order for a couple spare belts tomorrow. I’ll send you a message with the price for your size and can forward yours along. Wife gets cheaper shipping through paypal anyway.


Nice! Thanks dude. Lemme know any time you need a refill on our sweet, sweet chocolate :wink:


Thats what this forum is all about… Sweets :grin:

Double check to make sure I’m not missing anything. 3 options, any preference?

@mmaner recommended the D&D

Do you want 15mm or 20mm?

I need 20, he needs 15.

Get these…

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I’m sorry, I need 360 x 20 mm. I have those 15mm ones in my cart though along with these.

That’s a good belt, your good to go.

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