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Wanted Cheap or progress [REQUESTS ONLY]


I’m trying to separate this off from the Freebies…in Progress [OFFERS ONLY] thread because that is becoming more of a “Does anyone have this or that?” thread. The freebie thread is intended for offering things we are willing to donate to other builders as long as they pay for just the shipping.

Anyways. Post your requests here, add location and maybe your budget and hopefully someone will have something for you.

Here are some of the recent requests from the other thread:

@Ebisane9 “anyone have some 340-htd5-12mm belts? I have 320 i’m willing to swap”

@accrobrandon “anyone got a meepo style hub they wanna get rid of? preferably red but u know…beggars cant be choosers =)”

@Acido “anyone got some cuntersink colored washers to trade for some bt modules?”

@chsknight “Anyone have an extra keyway they can part with? I lost the one that came with an ollin 5065
I’ll pay shipping”

@Wilsonliang777 “Before I buy i would want to try asking ppl here first. I am looking for a hub motor trucks. I have a set of maytech 90mm x50mm hub motors and last night I noticed my truck got bent. I know Chinese sits sell them for around $25. Before I buy it i was wondering if anyone have one of these trucks laying around and don’t need it. I will gladly pay shipping and small fee for this.”

KALY NYC Board BLOWN VESC - Ernesto has dropped all contact, HELP progress [OFFERS ONLY] progress [OFFERS ONLY]
Board stolen! Need dual hub esc/Vesc for 10s
WTB parts for a dual motor upgrade [EU] TB 218 trucks, TB 6374 motor, Reverse mount TB, TB VESC
Please Delete (moved to thread)
Who has a 12s BMS/10s BMS/90+mm wheels/protective gear
Male 9 pin connector

Anyone have an extra keyway they can part with? I am short 1 for my new build, thought I had an extra. In am located in Denver, CO.


With each wanted reply it’ll help to state where you are in the world.


@accrobrandon do u need a pair of hubs or just one hub motor? I have one single black motor after the other broke. Its black though.

@Wilsonliang777 mind giving the sizes? I have an extra set of truck from an old ownboard aand another from a lift board. Dont know if either works for u


I have the above for trade.
Looking for 345mm+ 12mm, 440+ 15mm


I have a full pack of new 10 pieces HTD5M 265-5M-12 belts. I’m looking to sell or trade. I’ll take $35 shipped or trade for a pack of HTD5M 250-5M-12 belts.belts


I am looking for 320 htd 15mm belts I have 2x 330 and 2x 305 I can offer as a trade if you need either of those sizes brand new, I will post pictures later as I’m not home till later tomorrow

Location is New Jersey


i too am looking for 320mm htd5 15mm belts…i have 5x unused 340 15mm belts to trade.
im in canada


Own and liftboard trucks would not work. Thanks for the response.


Just the hub motor…i think the bearing seized in one so it’s basically dead… Looking to replace it on the cheap for a possible 4wd Franken-meepo build =)

I’m in the US


If you put the keys in tape…and tape them to the inside of an envelope…and then tape seal the envelope u can use a stamp and shipping is only 40cent =)


Anyone have an extra remote of any type lying around?


@dg798 I have a mini remote in a box somewhere. The steering wheel is taken off and hole is covered with an NFC tag.


as long as it works and the potentiometers (the white trims) are in the same spot as they came in its all good.


let me know


White adjustment knobs not touched. Scratches from me cutting off the wheel nub with a file instead of dragging out the dremel


Works for me.
Should I just pm you my address


Yeah PM me address. I’ll ship it out Thursday and let you know cost of shipping…$7 and change?


Works for me


Hey all. I am looking for heatsinks for my vescs. I have a ollin 4.11 and 4.12. They are getting too warm in this hot weather and dont feel like making any right now :smile:
Located in USA