Wanted Cheap or Free...in progress [REQUESTS ONLY]

I have a LOT of these. PM me.

Who has a battery meter for 10s they don’t want?

Looking for a couple of keyway. I can’t find my spares :sob:

Does anyone have some who doesn’t need them?

@torqueboards sells them for cheap


I need a second 2.4ghz mini remote receiver for my build. Anyone have an extra or a link to one? Can’t seem to find just the receiver…

@b264 probably knows

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Torqueboards sells them


Called it lol


Yep LoLz​

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Much appreciated :kissing_heart:

Hmm it’s the same price as the remote pretty much. Feels like I will now be in an endless cycle of buying remotes and receivers :sweat_smile:

TB is not the best place to get remotes, but it’s the best place to get receivers.

You can also use more than one receiver for each remote if you want

That’s what I’m planning on for my 2 single flipsky 4.12 with dual 6355

tB receivers are $16 plus $10 shipping

Mini remote with receivers are $19 on eBay :confused:

You should have mentioned this before I sent out the bolts. I got a spare. Sheesh

Haha. Didn’t know I was gonna need one until now. Started researching how I am going to set up my Vescs :confused: decided 2 receivers with 1 remote beats can bus or split ppm because of redundancy


There are pros and cons to each method but I definitely prefer dual receiver by a wide margin

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Just ordered another remote. Now I’ll have a backup remote at least. :sweat_smile:

https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-4GHz-Transmitter-Remote-Controller-Receiver-Bind-Plug-for-Skateboard-OS917-/372550434193 I have 2 of those.

Just ordered one. Was hoping I could just find the receiver for like 10 bucks it something but in the big picture of building a board $20 isn’t a big deal haha