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Wanted Cheap or progress [REQUESTS ONLY]



I’m so close to finishing my build, just need a canbus cable…does anyone have one?


anyone have a v1 meepo battery case? my bro cracked his and needs a new one. willing to throw down a lil cash as well. thx!


Looking for pads and helmet, I’ll probably fit kids stuff, something that will protect in a 25mph crash and survive multiple 20mph crashes, used is fine and color/style is irrelevant. Maybe $70 for a full set?


@mmaner can we get this moved to wanted requests please


I have a pair of new abec 78A 90mm, I sell it for $55 shipped.


@KaramQ if you still have the wheels this guy would love them


Which wheels


I’m trying to sell him the one i bought from @KaramQ :joy::joy::joy::joy:

My drunk ass thought they were 97mm. I don’t need 90mm wheels.


Oh, lol


@ZachTetra it’s these excat one’s. I haven’t used them they are just sitting here.
Abec 11 refly wheels(new)


Wow, that’s why you don’t drink while buying parts lol


A-men to that.


What you looking to get for them @Indiangummy ?
Cash and trade maybe?

Lol saw $55 shipped *

I’ve got 97mm abec clones if you want them. And probably a few sets of pullys i could let go too if you need


@ZachTetra says he wants them. I’m selling it to him $5 less than it cost me ($55 shipped). If he backs out I’ll pm you.


I should save my money for the SR gb anyways.
I’ve got the 107mm and 97mm of these wheels and kind of just wanted the whole set just because


What are they?


Surfrodz Great Britain


Surfrodz Gut Busters


TB VESC (2x)
TB 6374
218mm TB
ABEC 107mm
Slick revolution 110mm 75A
MBS AT setup

EU only


Witchblade GT Candy Crusher Edition