Buy FOCBOX Unity

Wanted Cheap or progress [REQUESTS ONLY]


Lololol i didn’t give them money.
Blame @Mikenopolis
I got them from him with my spud


LOL, just messing with you :).


LOL FreeTurd.

Don’t kill yourself being locked into your deck


I have a tb motor for sale.
Also have one that’s been repaired but haven’t been able to test it yet.
Send me a PM


Does anyone have 3.3v hall effect sensors(SS49E) and transistors(2n2222a). A couple each.

I usually send something like that in a 69 cents stamped envelope.


I’ve sent stuff that made it, and stuff that didn’t make it.

If I could offer tips on sending stuff in a stamped envelope – tape the stuff to the inside of the envelope so it doesn’t move around. One piece of tape over the top is fine. Put it on one end or the other, in the middle. Then on the outside of the envelope, put packing tape on both sides right over the bump.

That way it won’t rip through the side in the machinery. Be light about the amount of tape and packaging you use, but three well-placed pieces of tape (one piece of office tape and two short pieces of packing tape) make sure it arrives safe and sound, all for only a stamp


Yep, I have done exactly that when I sent someone the 3x3 keys for motors. They received it.


Who has chain hardware?

Preferably for 2 sets of …

  • motor bore sprockets (8-12 tooth, 8mm bore, 3mm keyslot w/ keys)
  • wheel plate sprockets (12-27 tooth, 19-24mm bore)
  • chains (more than 30" total w/ master links)

Or a site with cheap stuff including US shipping…I can’t find this stuff for less than $80 shipped and I still need to re-bore them all


Erm… eBay. $20 for a chain and two sprockets. Then just buy a smaller 12t one. And master links/extra chain if you need it


I’m dumb…I was looking for the parts separately

How can you tell whick core type they are for?


They are for some weird 80mm wheels. They don’t fit abecs straight away, you need to either drill the holes out to 7mm or redrill the 3 holes in a triangle

You will need a new sprocket tho, the 14t is too high


My target ratio was 9:20… should I keep the 14T and get a 25A31? Or is it a different chain size?


The ones used here fit 25h


Anybody got a 5.5 mm barrel jack extesnion or just the female/male plug? :slight_smile:


Something like this?


Are those even good?


I have been using them in various sizes without any problems.


Cool, I’ve only ever used amass.


I think he means 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel plug/jack, not the bullet connectors.


@b264 Thank you. That’s exactly what I meant. Something like that: :slight_smile: