Buy FOCBOX Unity

Wanted Cheap or progress [REQUESTS ONLY]


Does anyone have 2 key ways?


Keyways are usually on axles or pulleys. You need a 3mm keyway broach to cut them in pulleys. I don’t know how to add one to an axle.


Sorry, I meant keys. Does anyone have 2 keys?


I need 10 and stock 18650s are rated for 6.8 continuous by Samsung


Samsung sells many 18650, without a specific model number it’s not possible to know what they are.


I have a bunch.


I have 20 of these brand new liito kala 30q cells (probably fake but still ok if your not pushing too much out of them) that I could let go for $30.


Stickers … lol
Looking for esk8 related stickers.
Lost my tb and bkb stickers in last move.
Got psychotiller covered.
Stickerbombing a deck and would like to include all vender stickers i can get my hands on. One from each is plenty.
Thanks guys


I have a bunch, tb & bkb included; PM me your address again; I lost it


Have you tested the cells? I could be interested


what type of tests are you talking about? these cells are known to be true to capacity but I have not tested them myself.


If you’re still looking when I get back to school I’ve got one installed on an old focbox I’m nolonger using(@AlanZhou, we still on for those?)

It’s from Jared at BKB :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind letting it go for 5+shipping? I can’t imagine shipping would tip the price over 10usd


@Sn4pz definitely





thanks but i already got one


All good :slight_smile:


Capacity and discharge rate tests. That’s the only real way to know if they are any good. Oh and maybe even IR and cycle life


iv used there lghg2 ones before and they preformed really well compared to my real 30qs and I have a feeling these are the same ones as the hg2s they sell rewrapped in pink. iv seen capacity tests and they are true to capacity IR may be a bit higher then usual.


You know what I’m actually interested.
Pm me your PayPal and I will pay u now


I’ll pm you my PayPal but please don’t be shocked or anything if I can’t ship it till the 26th(likely the 24th or so, gotta pester my roommate for a ride :joy: )

Currently I’m 3 hours away from the module(it’s in my dorm room), and I’m driving up the 22nd for school

You and Alan will have your packages shipped at the same time :slight_smile: