Buy FOCBOX Unity

Wanted Cheap or progress [REQUESTS ONLY]


yes or no bigger


I don’t have anything smaller than 12mm


Heh heh :smirk:




EDIT: Got it
Anyone have a male 9 pin connector? I have an HTD 400-5M belt to trade (and some 3d printing capability), or I can just buy it


I have a request. I was able to get my hand on a evolve first generation pinetail electric skateboard and was able to use a lot of the parts to built board. What I need is to find out what size pivot cups this trucks. I also want to change all the bushings too. My question is what size cups and what kinda bushing this trucks use. And if you have some I am willing to pay a reasonable price for it.



Looking for a couple motor pulleys. 8mm bore. 16t preferably.


I MIGHT have extra 15t but only 12mm wide.
I cant look until tomorrow afternoon at best


Those are a variation of sidewinders. I’m not sure if sidewinder cups will work cause they are clones.


12mm would be fine! Lmk


Does anyone have 2 key ways they don’t need?


@yelnats8j PM me your address, I got you


Hey guys need a can bus wire,

any advice could I diy?

Or should I just buy another receiver running 9s fyi.


Anyone have a genuine hm-10 module?


(2) 15mm 40T wheel pulleys for 107 Super Fly Abec ? Willing too pay for everything


Does anyone happen to have 219-3m-15 belts for a Boosted V1? I was riding my friend’s board today and one randomly snapped, and I feel bad, so trying to hunt them down. Pretty hard to find at a decent price though (especially in Canada).


I can send you one. Just pay shipping.

Otherwise ebay uk search for 4pin jst ph female to female.



I searched the obvious places, including those links (the 2nd link is just a 404).
Amazon is… technically an option, but $20USD after shipping is steep for one belt. Hence why I was asking in the “wanted cheap or free” thread. :slight_smile:


The banggood link is not 404 though and it’s $4.09 which is cheap :smiley:

edit: oh, but it’s sold-out