Buy FOCBOX Unity

Wanted Cheap or progress [REQUESTS ONLY]


Doing right now


I sent that earlier :slight_smile: It’s in a regular envelope with a stamp, no tracking, no charge


Flipsky motor to their vesc sensor connector? I have ordered a pair but don’t know when that’s gonna arrive. Anyone have spares at hand? I’ll pay the cost of parts+shipping.


I lost my keyway.
Does anyone has a keyway?


Is there anyone in Europe that has a JST PH 2.0 MM 6 Pin Female (Double Connector) like this

I just need one cable. Will gladly pay shipping cost (Sweden).


Yeah I can help with that. PM your address. I’ll post it on monday from the Netherlands.


I’ve heard, but not tried, that if you break the butt end of a 3mm drill bit off it will work great.


I’ve got some extras. PM me your address and I’ll get you 1.


@JLabs sells them for $1.50 and first class shipping is not bad about $2.50 so i would just buy few from him.


Does anyone have a few 255mm 12mm belts? I can trade up to 6x 265mm belts, but also willing to pay.

I’m pretty sure I need 255mm, I’m using the bkb mounts with 36-16 gearing, but if another size works better please let me know.

All I have right now are 265mm and those are way too big


I’m pretty sure I have some. PM me so I’ll remember to check when I get home.


Im pretty sure i have some if @mmaner dosen’t


Does 255 sound like it’s going to work? It still seems to me like it might be too loose, cause 265 was super loose


Yeah, it sounds right to me. I’ve been using 255 on @JLabs mounts with 15/36 and that close to the end if the adjustment length if I remember correctly.


Awesome pm reminder sent :slight_smile:


Bearded Angel strikes again


I think my riptide used 255 so i probably have a stack lol


So i have like 8 250 belts…


anyone got some belts

270 275 or 280 mm

I have multiple 265mm belts to trade perhaps


Oh. 10mm width?