Buy FOCBOX Unity

Wanted Cheap or progress [REQUESTS ONLY]




Ahh, I think it just 404s on mobile when it’s sold out, cause now on my computer I can actually view the page.

I’m gonna check out that second link, and hopefully they have cheap shipping to Canada. Thank you!


U.S. only :frowning:
If no one else here happens to have any spares, I might just have to pony up.


Maybe check social media for a local boosted board group?


How much do they charge to deliver to USA/63101? Then what is shipping from here to you?


Good point. I’m gonna look at a few options in the US and perhaps call in a favor. At least I know I can use a friend’s Amazon account to get free shipping within the US from them, so that’s an option.

Edit: oof. $14.70 through that shopcross


This came up while typing my earlier post. Made me laugh:


Tread Police ( bi-polar)


I might make a light cruiser for school until the E-Elpis II project is finished (months away still) if can get parts. I’m hoping to make it under 12lbs (its 6lbs as a push board) with a top speed of 15mph and range of 5mi on flat ground. I still need…

  • 6s battery (I will literally take a box of half dead loose li-ion or lipo cells)
  • motor (150 to 200 watts at 22 volts and 100 to 200 kv, but anything will do)
  • mount for 60mm wheel (I will glue a motor pulley to a PU wheel if the kv is close enough)
  • remote (I don’t care if its a servo tester on a really long wire)
  • griptape (scraps and cuttoffs if they still stick and have texture)

I will accept ‘broken’ parts if they are fixable for cheap

Only continental US because shipping…I’m hoping to get it running for like $50 total, my bank is empty from buying nice stuff for the longboard

Will pay only if I can get enough offer for parts to justify the build


6S battery is great, but old loose cells won’t work. You’ll probably need a single 6S lipo or two 3S lipo or three 2S lipo. Get at least 60C and if you want a 5mi range on flat ground, you need somewhere around (I didn’t use the calculator) at least 4000mAh but more is always better.

If you go 10S you can use at least 2500mAh.

If there are any hills you might need more ampere-hours.


Your budget of $50 is unreasonable, as an unpowered board costs significantly more than that unless you find it used. Have you considered just using an unpowered skate?


I’ve got a Flux Drive 6374 190-195kv with refurbished can I can let go for $50. It has a nice little harmonic whine at maybe 10mph but it stops as soon as you give it more power. It in no way effects the performance of the motor. Sensored as well. Had it on a 8s system and was running 23-26mph.


If I’m using a 6s pack all I need is 10A (a 5c lipo or a 2p run of the mill 18650 can do 15A) to get the watts I need to get it going, based on bike performance calculators I will get 12-15mph with 200W and at an average 12Wh/mi I need a 3000mah battery to go 5 miles. If the kv is 120 then I can direct drive the wheel from the outside. The plan is to use it more as an assisted push board than an electric board so it just needs to overcome drag and friction. I know it’s dangerous to use old cells but as long as the chemistry and internal resistance match I can get some use out of them by using a balance charger. It’s a bad idea to use it long term but nobody else is gonna get much use out of that kind of stuff anyways. If I can’t make it on a budget then that’s fine but it’s worth a shot


That’s way more power than I can ever use in this board but that’s a lot of motor for that price, if I can find the other parts I’ll pm you for it!


I mean I got the board for $18 bucks and scrap parts…if I can make something that runs for less than $80 total you have no idea how happy I would be


This was my first, $80 board.
$35 scooter
$30 trucks
10 grip tape ~5 random mounting screws.


…where did you get the scooter…I need it


anyone have 5.5mm female to 4mm male bullet adapters?


Craigslist. I still might make another 3 wheel like this with a quality motor. That thing was rocking a 350w brushed motor and a non-programmable esc but was unbelievably stable. Here’s the instructable that got me started on it.


The problem is they are likely rated for something like 1A continuous and you need to draw like 20A