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Wanted Cheap or progress [REQUESTS ONLY]


In need of 2 diye 50 or 63mm motor mount plates. I have the hanger adapters so just the motor plate. Leaning more towards 50mm but will be happy with 63mm. Have cash and parts to gibe in exchange


@MasterCho are you still setting your GT2B housing?


Some of the belts from the suppliers I have used are cut to width when ordered so not necessary a question of taking them off a shelf. And when putting them back on the shelf they can’t be un cut back onto the stock material! This may not be the case here but always possible.


would be interesting to get something like tank tracks


Where did that tank track/wheel board go that was being touted on the forum a while back?


probably too expensive and niche market


You need these…


Anyone got some abec pulleys? Just got a set of some wheels that have the abec core and all I have are kegel pulleys right now.


I just had my extra metal abec pulleys machined into kegel pulleys… sorry bro :frowning:

The abec/clone pulleys that were extra I sent to @yelnats8j


I may just have to buy some…its no rush right now at least!


What country are you in?


@Itsmedant which kegel pulley’s do you have? i have 2 12mm 36t abec pulley’s i might want to trade for keegel pulleys.


Virginia US


I have a set from TB right now. I’m still debating if I want to get rid of them, I love my kegels.

If I do, I’ll hit you up to trade!


how wide and what’s the teeth count?


Somebody please try these for science!


Anyone has some HTD5m, 255mm-275mm in length belts?



I have these: (15mm wide)
2x 255mm
2x 265mm


Anyone have a hm-10 cable to connect to the vesc. Not the actual module just the cable


@dg798 I’m on the way to the post office, if you PM your address in the next 2 minutes I will send one