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Wanted Cheap or progress [REQUESTS ONLY]


It’s fine now, thanks though


Hi EU peeps, I’m looking for 1 kegel pulley, is ok any kind or size or even if it’s broken. Is just to lock the wheel in a lathe. I hope is my lucky day!! Thanks in advance!


Looking for 370 belts (365 375 maybe even 380 would work)


12mm or 15mm?

I’ve got various 12mm. Can check in the morning if it’s 12


Id rather have 15 but beggers can’t be choosers


Lol don’t worry about it. I just ordered some.
Lots of belts are marked down atm


I don’t get all those different kind of belts. What did you get on the website @Skunk and under which category can I find esk8 belts?


I surch by size.
What length width do you need?



10 ch


I couldn’t find them on there but @JLabs has them


I ordered my first set from there and ordered 2 different sizes thinking one would be correct nope. Called them up explained the situation they said I could ship them back but I would pay shipping + a 30% restock charge and then pay to have them shipped to me so I would end up loosing double the money then the belt is worth. Nope never ordering from them.


Honestly it sounds kinda fair to me, you did order the wrong belt so you can’t really expect them to lose out on shipping fees. Imagine the amount they would lose if they did that every time someone ordered the wrong stuff


Vbelts don’t have free shipping right? So they lose nothing besides time responding to email and opening the return and putting it back on the shelf…which is their 30% restocking fee


I was meaning paying for the shipping of him returning the item and sending him a new one. If they were to pay for that shipping then they would be losing money.


Here is the link to the one you need,


I ordered from them because someone here had said they ordered the wrong thing and they just had to send the old ones back and they got the belts sent out at no extra charge. I’m would have no issue with sending it back and paying for that but 30% restocking feel to take it and put it on a shelf


They have to pay their staff. The alternative is raising all the prices, instead of just the prices of the items being returned.


Yep. Where I work. If the customer orders the wrong product and returns it. We still have to charge shipping considering the cost of shipping sometimes will equal more than the product when shipped twice. We would be losing every single day.


I totally agree with you there. Companies use that 30% mostly to recover losses. Shipping, returns, ect…


Need 3D service for an enclosure for my gt2b. Already have a MasterCho on my 10s board, was gonna buy another one for my other board from his eBay account but it seems he ran out or something. Let me know what’s your price ? Or if you can print some other enclosure for the gt2b