[USA & EU][GROUPBUY] Maytech motors (CLOSED)



Ok @deucesdown
This a great after find…


Stock motors shipped yesterday and will be in the states early next week, Monday or Tuesday and then we will start shipping Thursday.
Stock motors
6374 unsealed
6374 sealed


Can you add a set of pullies to my motors as well?


we ordered 10 sets just to see if it will work.
coming with the stock motors and if they work well we can have more sent with the 6880 shipment


Hey can I still get two sealed 6374’s to send to @pjotr47?


Yes you can.
As a matter of fact the stock motors just arrived


i think i saw my name written on one of dem boxes! lol




Looks like sixteen sleads a’makin


Gears too,


hows the sensors connector? do they go directly on vesc or we need an connector/adapter


Was there something arranged for the gears? I might have missed that :smile:
I ordered some of ali, but doesnt hurt to have spares


The gears I ordered just to see what was what.
I can add gears to the order when the 6880 motors ship.
I just received all the stock motors yesterday and inventoried.
They look great.
I’ll be preparing all the orders ( USA and Brussels) in the next few days and will get everything out Saturday.


we have started to ship the STOCK motors to the members.
check your email for tracking info.
also, check your email for shipping address REQUEST…
please respond quickly so we can get these out to you

we should get an update on the 6880 motors completion time frame and expected ship[ing.


just replied with shipping address (my email: . Tkx.


Never received any emails


Gotcha, yours are on the way


Your covered.


Does that inlcude the shipment to @pjotr47 for us Europe peoples?

More importantly is mine being shipped?


Same =(