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Trampa spring issue PSA


if you wanna keep springs i’d say stay with trampa, but if you want to swap to bushings instead of springs i would recommend MBS for the long run


they sell the elastomer blocks and retainers separately aswell so technically you wouldn’t need to purchase the complete kit every time, i currently ride with springs without dampa’s so curious if these elastomer blocks will give more or less turning radius.


if that’s what ur curious about, i believe jens has a video on it

EDIT: he does


Haha that’s my video, I feel honored that you thought it’s @Nowind, great compliment :laughing:

I just picked 3 scenes, the video is quite long




The elastomer dampers turned my mountainboard into a mountainlongboard :grin:

still stable at speed


And no more air wobbles like here with springs


With or without bindings?

@Holyman92 you are right but the thing is that one has drivetrains for Trampa or MBS. I would be interested to test Matrix II trucks, too (beside the fact that the plastic baseplate scares me) but my drivetrain is made for Trampa and doesn’t fit on MBS hangers. My gear/hub adapter is for Superstar hubs so I can’t use MBS hubs neither. All this stuff is expensive so changing the trucks would mean to change much more if you already have everything. So buying this dampers only is cheaper and quick to swap on a running Trampa system.


@rich sorry man I thought Jens was demo’ing his stuff like usual… and I feel ya… I’m having trouble rn finding pullies for my mbs rims :’(


You compare apples to oranges.
Trampa Trucks are all metal, cold forged front to back and take springs with or without dampas or elastomer springs. Our Korean fellows have even fitted hydraulic steering dampas.
When you ride off road, you will realize that the trucks see a lot of strain and any weakness in them will cause them to fail sooner than later.
The Trampa spring truck is known to be pretty much bullet proof. The only spare part you will need over time are some new bushing sleeves once in a while. Some of our team riders ride on 5 year old trucks. Same baseplate, same hanger, same springs. When things last for years it doesn’t matter if you spent a bit more in the beginning.


… not only your Korean…
… one of your best promoter made that already years before… @Nowind #legend

Your elastomer damper are a 1 to 1 copy from @Nowind … what’s your innovation in it?

You start now to work like Chinese copy cat or what is the plan?


With bindings


With bindings the difference is like day and night. The elastomere dampers feel like springs with yellow dampas (stability wise) but you can do much tighter turns. There is a point where you can’t compress a spring further, this also exists on the dampers but with more lean you can compress them further, more than springs. Hard to explain.


@Nowind what is the price for the Elastomere Damper With shipping to the US minus the VAT?


Your bullet proof trucks bend over time not even riding offroad :slight_smile:


What about speed like 50-70km/h?


I can’t ride faster than 50km/h (self protection :laughing:) but I don’t use any pre-tension on the dampers and they are stable so I guess by adding some pre-tension you can go faster without getting troubles.

But when I say stable it’s maybe not the same stable what you have in your mind. I compare the elastomere dampers (without pre-tension) to springs with fresh yellow dampas according stability but they have much better turning radius (with bindings). Also after 1000km the yellow dampas got softer and I got speed wobbles above 40km/h.

With springs I had to jump around to make tighter turns, now i just make the turn.

The retainers of E-Toxx have 2 different sized threads that’s why it’s possible to mount the top ones with M8 grub screws (glued with Loctite) like the original springs including the possibility to add pre-tension. Trampa’s barrel retainers are mounted with M5 bolts through the M8 thread of the baseplate and are not adjustable .


For last two weeks now I am living with red dampas and I have pretty good combination of turn-ability and stability :slight_smile: Green ones were not stable enough and felt like I am riding always on high tension to keep it stable :slight_smile:

With red ones I can even carve without any issues of course with straps but no heal ones :slight_smile:


How much distance do you need to brake on a skateboard when you ride at that speed?


Red dampas :laughing:

Maybe then the elastomere dampers would scare you.

It seems you talk about high speed carving

My problem was always the turning radius at low speed which is huuuuuuge like zero with springs and yellow dampas. I tried springs only but it felt loose, spongy and very unstable. The dampers give me stability plus wicked turning radius if needed. But of course for high speed above 50km/h you don’t need this turning radius.


If hard press I can stop probably in like 5-10meters… Board would stop but not me :slight_smile: running -100A

@rich not high speed I can make pretty decent turn radius but only problem is 180° on small radius…

Yellow for me is like without dampas at all green ones allowed me to make circle of like 2-3meter… Stable up to 50km but more u have to tension up :slight_smile:




I could do same on green ones maybe bit wider :slight_smile: Also I switched to red ones because I thought green ones with 4 kg more would be even more turnable

Also I think it depends on weight of rider, board and how you turn :slight_smile: Sometimes I even grip deck with toes for aggressive turning :slight_smile: I had even reached point there sometimes I almost tipping over scary feeling :face_vomiting:

And another issue not really related is cold weather riding… Tires when cold doesn’t stick to road if it’s too flat… I have felt board sliding on higher speeds…


For sure, as reference I’m 74kg but I would say the turning radius with dampers is better than with springs only. And this can happen on hard leans when using springs without pre-tension

@Trdolan03 it’s funny how your thread turned after the original post about a broken spring retainer :rofl: