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Trampa spring issue PSA


Thanks Brother for your support.


FWIW I agree with @Andy87. The only “innovation” I see in the @Trampa Barrels, is the non-adjustability, forcing people to buy more urethane grades. I’ll only be buying the @Nowind elastomere dampers thank you very much.


Etoxx for life :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: continue your stuff!
It will be always ahead… copies never as good as the original!
I‘m 100% sure trampa will come out with a gear drive too in 2019 :unamused:

Still don’t have an answer if he continues shipping hangers to you if I pay my tax and shipping… according to his words it’s just not possible to separate hangers out of a complete set he sells. That’s I can totally understand but he also didn’t confirm the opposite…looks for me he true to come around this question…


I bought an extra truck separately and shipped it direct to @Nowind for machining. That was a complete truck though, not just hanger.


Hi @malJohann, you can use the regular adjuster screw to ad more pre-tension. Our team riders came to the conclusion that it makes no sense to do so. You don’t get the same effect as on a spring-dampa system.
The elastomer spring is higher than the available space and gets optimal pre-tension with the retainer in top most position. As with all elastomers, you need a different shore rating to get a stiffer setup. Overtightening elastomers is not good for them. It damages the material.
This is why skate bushings usually come in a variety of harnesses.

Also note that assembly with glued in M8 bolt is quite tricky. You can’t slide in the barrels from the side easily when the retainer is mounted already.


Even if you ride with some preload, the spring retainers can break. I can attest to that. I’ve had my board running since Monday and have gotten about an hour or riding in and already busted one retainer. Pretty bummed about the situation right now.

Already contacted Trampa to hope for a replacement. Let’s hope for the best. I’m strongly considering switching to some E-Toxx elastometers to avoid a repeat situation.


I purchased the trampa barrels since I was on a time and money constraint or else I would have definitely supported nowind


Update: Trampa is sending out a few replacement retainers today. Props to them!

In the meantime, I 3D printed a solid PETG replacement retainer as a temporary measure. I beefed up the flange the springs sits on since I’m not sure how strong a printed part is. I tested it on a grass field, asphalt, and snow over the weekend and I didn’t die.

Only downside so far is that due to the increased thickness of the flange, the minimum spring preload is a bit higher. If anyone is interested, let me know and I can upload the .stl to thingiverse once I get home.