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Trampa spring issue PSA


So I was riding and I went around a corner when I heard a loud crack from my board. It ended up being the spring retainer on my trampa trucks shearing allowing the spring to freely move around. My board is now out of commission until I get a reply from @trampa who I emailed this afternoon. My board has less than 100 miles on it.


Shit breaks. Glad you’re okay I’m sure trampa will set you up


I get this but at 100 miles they should be like new🤔


Yea but it could be a flaw in the injection molded part that skipped QC. Those are durable little parts. I’m sure trampa wouldn’t mind sending a replacement.


@barajabali glad to hear that it shouldn’t be a reoccurring problem for me.


Hi @Trdolan03, it is very rare to see a retainer splitt in half. Riding without dampas and without pre-tension on the springs puts a lot of strain on the retainers. Best practice is riding with enough pre-tension, so that the decompressed spring will always see some load. We will send you a new retainer.


Good on ya… regardless of what folks say… I really trust trampa on being fair… and shipping things really quickly :rofl:


check this out:
elastomere dumper upgrade


I’ve seen those. They are just really expensive


@Alphamail is something like those dampeners doable w/ your bushing formulas?


I gues yes but the right guy to ask is @Nowind


@razacks, @Alphamail is the owner of Riptide, if he makes a bushing for w/e trucks i have i usually run them haha

i love his WFB formula and his KranK formula personally


@Alphamail is an expert :slight_smile:


gotcha folks :wink:


That sucks @Trdolan03 the same happened to me once. It hurts when one can’t ride because of a tiny broken part. That’s why I have spare parts for everything, I mean really everything except the deck :laughing:


HAHA. You do now, just with a minor crack :wink: @trampa was kind enough to send me a few spares in case I have any issues in the future.


I will have a look, anyone have experience with them?


personally, no, i use MBS parts, which already utilize no springs


yes @rich can tell you more about it.
for sure also @nowind as he produce them :sweat_smile:


@Nowind hurry up and start making them dampas :rofl: I’m over here ready to order :call_me_hand:t3: