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Trampa spring issue PSA


You can pre order on his site :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Better do so :point_up::relieved:


I agree 100% since @Nowind is the person who makes them.


I hoping he makes raw, or black color think he offers only blue,orange …


Than better ask @Nowind now before he send them for anodizing (hope I wrote it right😅)
I‘m sure he can hold one in raw for you if you preorder


Yeah raw is no problem as long as i know before let them anadozising… black is not planned, orange and blue


@Touch415 in case you didn’t already have seen I wanted to tag you on nowinds answer to the raw option


see folks :wink::grinning:


I won’t switch back to springs, the elastomere dampers are still stable at speed and have better turning radius. With extreme leaning and bindings the turning radius is ridiculous tight.


Great slam at 3:17!


Ok so generally how long do the elastomere dampers last before they need replacing? At £139,00 a pop id expect them to last multiple years right?


Does anyone have the mounting specs for the Trampa spring trucks? Diameter and spacing of the board mounting.


Not the best angle but I didn’t have the springs dismounted

The hight without cups on the ends is about 60mm
Plus here some docu, maybe something helpful you could need


The docs did the truck, thanks!


The elastomer Spring Kit is now available on our website. We are currently testing different materials, shapes and shore harnesses to meet different requirements. More to come…


They look interesting. Why is the price so expensive on these though?


Their cheaper than the .e-toxx version


Do you plan other colors than black ?


for reference guys… u can get MTB trucks from MBS (matrix 2) that use shock blocks not springs from the get go for ~80 USD and for a 4 pack of shock blocks u pay 25 USD vs ~87USD for infinity trucks + 75USD for elastomer blocks.

they even have 3 different varieties ranging from soft to hard (yellow red and orange)


That’s great but iv already got the trampa trucks so its not worthwhile me paying extra for MTB trucks i dont really need just so i can use shock blocks.


isnt it tho… 75€ for blocks… or ~80USD for a complete truck that vs trampa’s prices would pay for itself the first time u have to replace ur elastomer blocks…