Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | R-SPEC Drive Kit $579USD

Noob question thread! πŸ˜€ ask your questions here!


its too big in the layout for a decent small build. Bad dexter!

20 inch overall


Damn. Loaded Tesseract with hubs? Lol


Top speed at least 20mph.
Range at least 10+ miles


For that money new you can’t do a quality belt drive. You could just about do a hub build that would give you that range and speed. How heavy are you and do you have a lot of hills you want to climb?


Not many hills around my way.

To be honest I’m just looking for a way to use standard wheels or some type of wheel that will erase pebbles and cracked roads.

I’m not a speed demon.

One possible option I see with hub motors is to install avenue trucks on a flex deck.


What are you riding now or is the first build?


Yeah im looking to get or build a 10 or 12s2p for a short board with 83mm wheels. My spud’s kicktail is absolutely unless with the amount of weight on the back. I need something super light for a campus crusier.


honestly there are tons of prroduction boarrds that MAY or may not suite your needs. However if you want something to last and not blow up, your best bet is to talk to some of the builders on this forum. I went the @psychotiller way because his quality and services are top notch. With that, there are many builders on this forum. Try reaching out like i did. And hopefully you dont have to make the same mistakes alot of us have made buying production. happy hunting frriend.:beers:

Note to mention: Building part by part can often save you money in the long run, but more than likely will cost you more upfront. But again… The quality most builders offer is β€œNIGHT AND DAY” over the mass production stuff.


Doesn’t say in your profile where you are my friend!!! It should. This is a lot of nice gear.



I’ll look this up


Any insight on the performance of this build?


Its not gonna be great, your limited to 30a on the eBay ESC’s, its only 6s so even with a 260KV motor your looking at top speed of 20’ish MPH and not a ton of torque…but its cheap.


If you were going to spend some extra cash which part of this build would you invest in to improve the performance?

I really like the idea of wheel options vs the PU you’re stuck with on a hub motor.


The 1st upgrades I would do to this build would be a VESC then Battery to 10s and 190/200KV motor.


What should I program my VESC to in BLDC mode with this kit, 6374 motor


Once you have the kit then build it and then watch the tutorial and read everything you can find here and watch everything you can on youtube. That way you learn how to do it for yourself and not just repeat what you have been told. This way you can affect repairs and changes all on your own. Good choice though and good luck.


Once you get that you will want more and want to upgrade the board like @skunk has done with his riptide electric board. I think the only thing that is original is the deck and the enclosure.



2 receivers is better than a splitter if it will work with your remote.