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New designed a motor mount for sale, looking for review


@dickyho received my order today, all there and good. Just 4 days from china to germany…thats rly fast


Anyone in USA get theirs yet?


Yes, DHL is fast!


I managed to get a dual Setup onto my calibers with 15mm belts and 17mm pulleys.
Used some Bolts and bearings as idler.

I have a 40 to 18 Ratio with a 310mm belt. But they are a Bit short to rly use the idler to manage the tightness of the belt.
Just realised that since this batch is Not mirrowed, i have to Put one clamping Bolt in reverse, otherwise it will not clamp down because only one Side is threaded.


Those look great…i can’t wait til mine arrive


Mount for Calipers is currently sold out. Any news when it will be available?


@Fosachi he probably has more,


I’m not sure if he wants to manage sales individually but Dicky did allow me to buy direct, perhaps message him :slight_smile:


Thank you both.
Message sent :slight_smile:


Please post a link to your other shop when you re list more calibers’ mounts. Thanks.


Just got mine!!! look great


Kewl :heart_eyes:


What’s the price for these?


Out of stock. I think around 30€ shipped if memory serves me right.


You in the US?


That’s a great price for thick mounts… Think I have to invest in a dual set when they are back in stock




Gracias skunky!


Hey @dickyho, why doesn’t my 290mm belt fit on the mount so tightly i can’t even spin the wheel… i don’t run idlers, and i run 16/36

what’s up?


update: turns out it’s because atleast some of the 290mm belts that @dickyho sells are actually only 280mm. i counted 56 teeth 3 times in a row. 56x5 =280mm