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New designed a motor mount for sale , looking for review


are you sure you pulley is 15/36 ?


if use the F608 bearings, need 17mm pulley. but if don’t have enough spece, you could use it without the metal plate. or use the 14mm thick 608 bearings on below picture.

acctually for 9mm belt, you could use 10mm thick 608 bearings, that could save a lot space.


Sorry, it do not line up. could you try twist very hard ? I tried my self, after twist very hard, it can still work. if not, please contact me.



yeah im sure its 15-36 and im using 1 F608 and one regular skate bearing


then possibly the 36T wheel pulley you have, is bigger than my 36T wheel pulley.


would you be able to make a insert wheel pulley next? I really dont like the look of bots coming off on the outside.


could you send me a link of the insert wheel pulley


i mean the one piece wheel pulley enertion used to sell and what ppl has been talking about lately.


any updates on the mirrored mounts for calibers?


@dickyho Hi, do you still have Paris truck mounts in stock? How much time approx delivery to France?



Hi. yes, I still have. ship by Epacket, will take about 10-15 days.


only have the design now, not production yet. will do that lately.


I got all of them started and it looks like its going to bend the bolts if i force them. threads arent supposed to be hard to turn.
im going to try drilling the holes out on the steel plate.


Any news as to when these will be available for caliber trucks again?


I used a step drill to punch all the holes to 6mm and it’s much better. One bolt is tighter than I like but all the rest are ok.
It’s weird cause the plate kinda looked laser cut so I’m not sure how the two bolt patterns aren’t the same?


i didnt have any issues with the wheel pulleys… lucky maybe i dunno, but very happy the pulley lip sits just off the wheel side wall =)


I found some of the 40T pulley having this issue, already sent them all back to the vendor…

they were not use automatic machine to make kit. they drill holes according to the date from my drawings…, like below


I always have plenty of it, just my ebay shop having some problem lately, the list run out, I can’t relist anymore. will make new list on my other ebay shop later.


I tested 40pulleys here, there’s 11pcs out of 40 having this issue…


Ok keep us updated ,I would like to order a caliber set.