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New designed a motor mount for sale, looking for review


Hi. every one. I designed a motor mount, and already productioned for a while.
this one can work with 50 or 63 motors, both adjustable.
and can work with or without paddles.

I use F608 bearing to hold the belt within the bearings…




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Nice , which trucks are these made to fit ? Any plans for a motor cover?


fit for round trucks like Paris truck. yes, will develop pulley cover later


If it fit caliber 2s and TB 218s you’d still out quick at that price.


Thanks for remind me that. yes, I wanted that too. unfortunately I don’t have these mounts on hand…can not measure to make drawings


I ordered a set, I’ll make the caliber 2/TB 218 measurements and send then to you after I get them.


Thanks a lot, my friend!


No worries, it’s what I do :grinning:


Yes. Make them calibers compatible please


what kind of aluminum do you use?


6061 aluminum


Wow thats very cheap! when will the caliber ones come out?


if I got the caliber on hand, or some one send me the dimensions…


I can send you a CAD drawing of the caliber truck, want it?


yes, want it! thanks my friend!


Ah so you could make them very quickly if you have the dimension?
I dont have them unfortunately, maybe on internet?

I assume you just would change the part that is around the hangar right?


I make 3d drawings, and send to the vendor to produce. that will take 3-6 days normally


Okay, if you are able to make them for this price I would be interested in buying one or 2! awesome


Done : ) ‍ ‍ ‍