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New designed a motor mount for sale , looking for review


OK for that, please note that donw on the order.


@dickyho Would be down for 2 of the next batch (mirrored version with pulley covers) anodized in either blue or black.!


everyone keeps saying they are sold out, you have to select ‘mount for Caliper truck’ from the dropdown menu. . . or did I miss something and these are technically now pre-order?


the list was run out, but I do still have plenty of stock.


was going to ask about next batch but got some today even better :slight_smile:


Hey everyone - has anyone managed to get these rolling and able to provide a review?

They look good!


Most calipers are out for shipping still. They come in about 1-2 weeks for most people


That was fast!


It makes one side higher than the other which makes it difficult for clearance when mounting underneath. Also when when mounting them in reverse they don’t allow much angle before the motors come into contact with the Paris baseplate.

It’s obvious these weren’t made for Paris Trucks but rather the clones which have a much smaller baseplate.


why cant i find this on ebay UK?


I found it hard too


you legend :slight_smile:


Has anyone else received their order yet? location? order date?


Have any pics so we can compare?



after putting the paris mount on. I realized with the idlers, it really require a very wide wheel pulley to align everything right. Definitely need those 17mm width recommended in the description.

I’m using a 12mm enertion pulleys, which makes me need to put spacers to push the idlers out and it’s so tight I can’t fully tension the belts cus the screw head is almost touching the wheel. I’m testing with 15mm belt cus thats all I have right now. i’ll post pictures later.


I bought two of the 40t pulleys and the stainless plates that go on the other side of the wheels dont line up. i can get the bolts started but they all jam up so i cant tighten them down.
has anyone else tried these pulleys?


15-36t 290mm 11W belt on 9W enertion pulley 83mm flywheel
idk why it’s so tight. it was advertised to use 290mm with idlers

15-36t 195mm 15W belt on 9W enertion pulley. 83mm flywheel
not fully tension. the metal plate is super close the the 83mm wheel


i dont unterstand your pulley belt combinations


i’m only using the 9mm pulleys to check for fitting. I’m printing some wider ones right now.