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New designed a motor mount for sale , looking for review


@dickyho, great work man, when will we see a new shipment? Tried to order 2 but obviously out of stock right now.


no, not out of stock, please choose, mount for Paris truck, or mount for caliper truck.


wondering if there’s wider idler in the future. I wanna try some 15mm belt on these.


answered further up


HI @dickyho. I notice you call them caliper trucks. It’s actually Caliber with a b.
Might help people when they look on your ebay listing if the spelling is right there?
(We know what you mean)


Ben is right.
Bob’s mom and boobs’ mom are actually different.


I just wanted to write that

Why are so many people call them caliper? Because the word is known for a part of a breaksystem?

Some names have a hard time getting wrong in peoples heads :smiley:

Poor CaliBer

EDIT: @dickyho Even if you had the name wrong, it´s awesome that you designed them and listen to what people want!


I accidentally typed in caliper the first time I search for them on my keyboard and now every time I spell caliber it auto corrects it…
I hate smart phones


long press on “caliper” on your phone when you typed it -> delete from memory


Or just curse in frustration every time it happens until you get a new phone in a year like the rest of us :sweat_smile:


Oh I know, I use talk to text a lot and for whatever reason no matter how many times I delete it, it keeps trying.


I love how this is sold out already. You may have a popular product here my friend.


well good for him, next batch will be mirrowed and even more popular, maybe some more colours^^


Since the Caliber mounts are sold out, for your next batch that you make, would you be able to make the mounts mirrored so they look the same on both sides of the truck?

That would literally be the last thing to change on these and they’d be perfect!


I plan to make the mirrored version later with pulley cover


That’s what I want! Have any idea about how long it’ll be till you’re able to make them?


not sure, at lease need more than half a month.


That’s not bad at all! Definitely worth the wait. Would it be possible to request a set either not be anodized as the blue doesn’t match my color scheme on my board, or if it has to be anodized, could it be done in black?


could I spray it black for you? because if only for 2, anodize would be cost more


Oh you could just leave it as it is and no anodize is necessary. I like the raw aluminum look :slight_smile: