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New designed a motor mount for sale , looking for review


yes, need 2pcs of mounts + 2pcs of bearing sets , for a dual set up.

Sorry, I still don’t have Kegel to test the pulleys…


Np, these mounts look great! Thanks for making them caliber compatible so quickly for us!


@dickyho could you put 2 of them on the truck to see how they look in dual drive? I’m just curious how they will look without being mirrored


Ebay says the delivery estimate is August 15th - September 5th, is it really that long to get to the US or does it usually go faster? Can anyone who’s ordered these comment on the speed of delivery??


Nice work and way to listen to the community. Gonna have to pick up a pair of these.

Not sure if I missed it, but do you sell the idler pulleys to accommodate 15mm width belts?


@dickyho, I can’t buy it. It’s not available anymore :frowning:
Edit: managed to buy 2 sets with idlers


I just ordered a pair to try out. These will be my first idler pulley mounts…also what size belts will work with this?


He said CtC is 77mm so it will all depend on your gearing


So what would it be with 15:36 gearing




@dickyho can we get faster shipping if we directly order over you? because those ebay delivery times are long imo


He’s still shipping from China, so how fast could it possibly be, like 10 days at the max?


I don’t have a caliper truck yet, so only have it for paris truck…



the estimate time on ebay is not accurance, but USPS is unstable, to USA normally will take about 15 days.


if use 36/15 pulley, then 5M 290 belt


yes, of cause, please PM me for that.


because the space between 2 F608 bearings is 11mm, so need to use 11mm bearing. but you could try use 2X normal 608 bearings if for 15mm belt.


Will the insert that fits the Caliber @ mounts work in the 1st version of mounts? If so, can I buy a couple of those for the mounts I already purchased?


Sorry, no, can’t work that way


don’t think so, the hole is quite bigger in diameter. i can be wrong but the picture in the shop show a big difference.