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New designed a motor mount for sale , looking for review


any update ?


I will got those pieces for caliper trucks tomorrow, and will test them before available on sell.

just made some with anodize. I don’t like this colour, was plan to do it with more deep blue. but dosn’t matter, this lot already sold out.


better to have some wheels to test the pulleys. because they drill those holes by hand after turnning. so not always accurancy


possibly early next week


I quite like that colour @dickyho you should keep it as an option. Selling kits would also be great for new builders like myself


yes,will sell as kit later, I always have everything needed for a board, just too always busy…


hey i was looking on ebay, but i can’t find your shop. I find your items through a direct link but no as a shop. Is it still a working progress?
Maybe you can post a link compilation to all your stuff so everyone has a nice overview.


not sure why, some country dose so…


@Benjamin899 Ben, checkThis


thank you very much for that


I’ll be buying a set for the TB trucks once they drop! Thank you for the good work!


^^^ What he said


The trucks and mounts on my Riptide R1 are bending to the point that my Motors now rub.
I’ve got an extra set of caliber trucks but my @marcmt88 mounts are to long for this board. (Saving them for hummie deck)
Your caliber mounts would be perfect


@91stantheman, @Skunk, @Grozniy, @uigiroux, @Bor.inc,

Hi every one, I have the version for Caliper truck now.


@dickyho, buying 2x


Oh hell yeah, that’s great, thank you! :smile:


Thanks for the support, my friend!


There is only a ‘mount for caliber trucks’ option, but it doesn’t say anything about bearings. It is $16.50 though, so would this be with the bearings and everything?

Also, do you sell pulleys that work with kegel cores?


The caliper version is a little increased cost than the Paris version, and also have increased cost for annodizd.

I made the bearing set along on my product list.


Ok that’s fine, so for a full dual setup I’ll need two mounts vs two of the bearings by themselves correct? Looks like there’s only ABEC pulleys, none for Kegel then?