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New designed a motor mount for sale , looking for review


aight, nice job, you even thought about the stress relief


some one here teach me of the stress relief…


yep, somewhere at the start of the thread. but nice of you to think about it


@dickyho, is it still possible for you to make mirrored mounts? I mean, left & right mounts


Or make the mounts mirrored themselves, so you wouldn’t even need to make a left and right as they would look the same on either side?


yes, maybe like this. but need to sold out those stock I having now…


Oh that’s perfect! Once you are able to make that with the TB mounts I definitely getting a set!


How long you think till those will be for sale?


Not sure, I still have a lot of the old stock .

I was though one fixed hole for the bearings would be more stable than both adjustable.


Nah I think it’ll be just fine. Once if the bearings you could tighten down a bit extra so it won’t be able to move easily.


What size belt would I need with these if I’m running a 16T 40T setup?


I know you want to get rid of your current stock, but there are a ton of people here who would get your newly designed ones right away and you would likely see a large amount of those very quickly… Just something to consider in how long you decide to wait before offering these new ones. And I don’t think many would be upset if you charged a little bit more, these are such a great price already.


Hey @dickyho. What is the outer diameter of the red part? I want to see if there i can adapt these to my rogue cast trucks which have a similar profile.



You wouldn’t also happen to see motor and wheel pulleys and belts for this motor mount would you…?


@uigiroux I think I saw a few on his eBay page


He sells pulleys on ebay…15T, 16T, 36T and 40T with different width and bore diameters. Here is the link.


When do you think you will sell it @dickyho?


Have you considered selling your mounts as complete sets with the motor and wheel pulleys and belt as well? (also the cover, once you develop one :smile:)


Also it says the wheel pulley is for abec flywheels. I have a set of boas which have a kegel style core. Will your pulleys work on these wheels?


Nope… He said he needed a kegel wheel to make a pulley for them. Once he gets one, he can make for the rest of us.


Wouldn’t it be possible to make them with the dimensions or a file or something with the wheels core info?