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Metasurf Direct Drive ?!


The Testing is soon to start. Gotta wait


Jesus I went to purchase the two motors and the god awful 330 mm truck jesus…why so big…learn how to ride first and no one needs these fuckn stupid trucks 13 inch wtf…you know technology has made DH gear smaller and faster and lighter…hello people where are the real skaters …look at the katana size of a big slolom truck 154 mm biggest now every one is doing the same…180mm will be gone so then later…13 inch stability truck makes me laugh…went to pay 487 USD shipped to Canada for a non sensored motor only at 60 kv …my God more money then my precision carvons… with a rogue truck for the front …I’m out was gonna buy the motors and get them machined Axel’s for my don’t trips salocybin 90 mm hanger trucks i have sitting around and get a axel made for them…but fuck that now …cost me more then my speeddrives at 600 USD and more work for me to do with them not cool thought this was supposed to be a cheap alternative…they are same price as torquedrive at 499 with a real skatebording precision liquid truck designed for this application with 12 mm straight threw hanger Axel’s …dose this make sense ppl…these are somebody new design not a true tested racing precision truck or real tested and true skatebording components it all cloned stuff…we need more esk8 components to work with real shit …aka ronin, don’t trip ,arius, rogue, independent bear ,sesmic… venom the list can go on…these this are all tested true skateboard gear…why the new cloned shit all over …he need to bring these prices back to that non tested and cloned prices…I would have tested if I can get them for 200 250 to 300 max USD like @sofu got them… but not for 500 with a price hike after all the commotion we started so this is so not cool if you think on it . they are not tested and true to quality yet …lil pricey I say guys be safe with those spigetti stick Axel’s…but definitely interested if we can get more DD to the world help with one man market we have right now…


i would proofread your post first and chill out with the language. no one is forcing you to buy anything.


Sorry for the language but I’m sure your over 18 …sorry I speak R rated … but WHY the price hike after the commotion on the form and prices go up …I found these couple week ago searching for esk8 gear and it was 100 bucks for them I thought it was a joke seen the huge truck I would never forget the look ever…and a weekend later tripled in price…all from this fourm…it was first brought up in the Tb dd thread …i was like remember seeing these…and now they are 489.99 USD can you explain the hike please…I’m pissed because they were alot cheaper on Friday but in a weekend they triple. and it’s more my country fuckn sucks too…shipping taxes and duties bullshit…



There wasn’t any price hike.
The trucks and the drive combo wasn’t even posted when the forum first picked it up, only completes and motors were available. You can’t hike the price of something that wasn’t even for sale to begin with

The owner actually made an err with the pricing resulting in the individual parts being cheaper purchased separated then that pack and had decided to keep it as it is for the time being for early adopters that want to try it. If you do the simple math of adding it up you’ll notice its at 360 not 490.
Is it expensive? sure. Is it worth the amount thats up to the individuals to make the call. If the market doesn’t feel the worth is there he will have to adjust.

@sofu got an extremely good price that I really suspect wasn’t intended for public. I won’t use that as a baseline.

Again I don’t work for those guys, I’m just trying to help here. More vendors = options and competition which is only good for the consumers. At the end of the day I echo @Benjamin899 if you think its worth it get it, if you don’t think its worth it don’t get it.


Thank you for explaining a bit so I just went back on site did the two motors and the trucks instead of the motor truck package at 460 with 60 buck shipping bringing it to 520usd…so now its only 486 with a 120 buck shipping instead of 60 for the first truck and motor set up…lol…seriously its the same packege… there is no battery’s or anything extra i can get full complete shipped to me for less with battery’s how does this work 120 shipped around the world that is the battery shipping rates for me anyways… so back to 490 USD again before my shit dollar exchange…so I’m like 650 Canadian …like I said carvons are cheaper in the long run…I payed 399 I get shipping with them at least after buying… this site makes no sense to me that’s all …and I got pumped to get some to try whilel I was out on the weekend I love DD set ups …hate belts set ups. I’m just waiting for torque boards to come threw with something great to use with actual retail and stock to keep up …I didn’t mean to put anything down… I’m interested but after trying to buy all morning today and frustrated now and thinking it’s really not worth it yet…@lxf if you get the new 80 kv and sensored this will be a better option hopefully he doesn’t jack them up even more

maybe bring this issue up to him too fix his shipping …cheers @lxf


@Frenchy shipping is a good point. Its a little weird that you are getting dinged twice. I will let him know.
and ya there are quirks on the site. We kinda forced him into the spotlight. He wasn’t planning on a big launch so he is catching up.


I mean shipping is always high to canada right?

Lol frenchy. Calm down dude.

Btw shipping same to cali.


Alright… So the site calculates shipping by weight. Theres probably a bad input in there somewhere because they should weight the same. He’s going to check it. If the folks that have purchased overpaid he’ll find a way to refund the difference. Will let folks know the outcome


Yes shipping is ruthless here …but for this case if I buy the truck and motors together in one for 460 on sale it says …it’s only 60 bucks shipping making it 520 …if I get the two motor and then truck separately I get it cheaper at 360 but 120 bucks in shipping comes to 486 which it is cheaper buy 40 bucks then the 520 I first got …it the same products…im being double shipped now so no mater what I do it 500 for the set up


Thank you @lxf


Don’t thank me yet, it could go either ways… My guess is that the error is on the package :frowning: so the package will cost more while the individual pieces stay the same. but ya… international shipping is a pita…


Its been updated… all those that have already purchase and over paid for shipping should expect a refund of price difference
@Frenchy thanks for catching this hopefully this will make your decision easier


i hope everyone remembers that this is a work in progress thing. let him have time to figure it all out. i would just wait how the test pen out and then we can flood him with GB.


I personally will be waiting to see if he redesigns the axles. For carvon prices, i expect carvon quality. We as a community have shown that 8mm axles dont have a place in eskate, between them bending under light weight riders, snapping under heavier riders such as myself (i finally broke my TB trucks) i dont think 8mm’s is sufficient for safety reasons


Ive watched this unfold from the beginning. Poor guy wasn’t expecting this i bet :joy:. Saw a post on Reddit then came here and Immediately found this thread. Just waiting for the first round of tests cuz im a heavier rider and probably will snap those things


We definitely ruined his weekend and nights for him :laughing:


I understand this part I was just flustered by the price change…and shipping is out to lunch…but lxf explained…I seen prices and pics that was only on a website ad from another web site ad hole bunch of ad junk mail …and the prices were alot more when I finally get to the site… and reading breifly I seen sofu got them for 300 but now that I have read it slower and let it sink I see what went on…and we’re I failed to read more…so I hope it gos forward with a solid approach…and I think the design will need improvements and I’ll be in the group buy if he does do something to improve… yes i was wrong sorry for going off to fast …sorry for ruffling you feathers @Benjamin899…but out of it all we found a shipping flaw sorry again and cheers


hey @Frenchy, some constructive criticism on your writing style.

try breaking up your thoughts into smaller sentences and paragraphs, no one likes to read a giant wall of text.



Is it possible to change the motor’s bearings for ones that have 10mm ID? But still have the same OD?