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Metasurf Direct Drive ?!



it’s the same with the aluminium axle… thats not how things are usually made, i assume thats just translation error

also, the long RTX board is reversed… or is it fwd? in the vid it’s reverse for sure?


@sofu do you have any more available?


What! Okay that’s rad


That deck on the long RTX has a weird design… its smaller in front.


Update… on my favorite topic at this point… the material on the axle.
We brought the co founder into the mix and have confirmed as everyone here suspected, The axles are indeed… steel… @Hummie your nuts are safe.

Its a single rod design that runs through the whole truck:

Now excuse me while I go find a bat to beat the owner over the head with. Sorry for the confusion


is this better or worse for overall performance and safety? I could see why both sides could be argued.


why I love this community :slight_smile: AWD tests soon


smart question; depends on the materials and engineering of the part itself really but when it gets down to it, a floating axle is less expensive to manufacture and is harder to be precise.



I can pick up 1 more if I gotta


guess that means its almost certainly not gonna hold up… right?


ha I think it will hold, presuming it is properly heat treated. :slight_smile:

isn’t the Carvon axle also floating and heat-treated? I can’t recall


I would not mind a set of motors and trucks, I could pay the shipping to michigan.


I dont know off the top of my head unfortunately. I thought somewhere above jerrys design was praised for being more robust, but I would***** be shocked if these trucks come with the ‘bells and whistles’ that Jerry’s does :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m reading stuff about axle’s.

Here’s a picture fresh from Enertions Instagram about their axle improvements. They’re improving these because they keep on braking. So this should be top of mind. It’s a checkpoint thats needs to be adressed before my wallet joins this venture.


I saw that there is now the battery + case available on the site. But there are no real specs available, like dimesions and weight. Not urgent, but can you provide those as well?


Message me!


Why is buying 2 motors plus the trucks cheaper than buying the whole drive? I am confused

359 for 2 motors and both trucks vs 449 for the drive kit. both look the same to me.


I just got dimensions today :stuck_out_tongue: MetaDrive System( batteries include ) Size: 35 x 18 x 4cm
Now… I need to figure out if they fit https://goboardup.com/


Its an error… they are the same thing, already reported… get them separated :wink:


I’m interested but didn’t have the chance to participate in the poll. I’m a noob so is it a good deal?