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Metasurf Direct Drive ?!



So update on the few that have put in an order with me for a set: they arrived at the Taipei shop since yesterday, I’m picking them up today. For the people who are still messaging me for a set, unfortunately I’m at max allotment and max capacity for my free suitcase check-ins so it ain’t gonna work out… Sorry :sweat: I recommend waiting and seeing at this point anyways.

I’ll post more pictures when I get the hardware in a few hours.

Hey @jasonbhuynh you got a set and I got an Ollin recurve… Let’s build a monster :smiling_imp:


I’m down :rofl: maybe even a 4wd eventually if these hold up


Ok, products procured. Will update with more pics when I get home. Two lucky people will be getting drives and trucks with a set of black wheels. Lmk if you wanna be one of them.


Edit: included bearings are extended race

Will add more pics in a bit


You did a great service for the community


That huge assed package!!


Those grey pepes look sweet! I didn’t see them on the website


:face_with_monocle: (10 char)


I’m not sure if he’s put them in the website yet but they are in abundance at the shop. I’m sure you could buy some if you wanted easily


:rofl: zing


This is now out of context.


You jealous?


We’re way off topic here but yes, penis me


:thinking: (Im aware these edits histories are visible :P)


Wait what lol


ok,… stay on topic … :sweat_smile:

What a package! :muscle::hushed: Good luck, and thanks for the community.
Can’t wait for your testing guys!

edit: frenglishism


Ok, I promised pictures. Here they are:

Click Here To Unroll Pics

Pic of everything prepped for shipping


Pics of the 45 degree hanger


Pics of the drive itself in detail

Pic of extended race steel bearings and a glimpse of the black wheels.

Pics of the packing fiasco

One last pic of the main shop sign

It’s been a fun ride! I’ll ship them shortly, then it’ll be time to wait for the results to start rolling in…


oh wait, they come with wheels?

niice…this is just getting better by the minute.

not sure if it’s been asked but do you know what the duro is for those wheels?

edit, i’m stupid. it says 78a on the wheel, 97mm.


Ha, yep. Next person who messages me about their order with me can choose either black wheels or the gray wheels. Otherwise you’ll just get gray ones :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m curious how the axle is in that hanger. It’s said to be cast in there the complete length but how does it have those squares at the end? Are they the axle or another part? How do they end up squared w the hanger and are they fixed/cast into the hanger? Never seen that on an axle that’s cast all the way. They look like what is typically screwed into the hanger


Look like the square is cast bigger and then machines to size, you can see the tool marks on the surface