Pre-Order Focbox Unity $249 | FocBox $99USD

Metasurf Direct Drive ?!



Ahm, I found this in another topic…

90$ direct drive motor

Metasurf Direct Drive Performance Motor

Metasurf Direct Drive Performance Motor

Metasurf Direct Drive Performance Motor

The whole 13S board cost 1.2k$

RTX Combo Package

RTX Combo Package

RTX Combo Package

RTX Combo Package

I am the only one confused here…


look at the description of the trucks. they are forged…this all sounds to good to be true.


FocBox? WTF



Well its definitely not renders… Someone went and made that stuff…


someone with capital who wants market share and willing to burn money?


I wanna try thier 97mm wheel at under $100 at the very least.


Surely there’s a few members on here who could pop in and take a look?


Wait… its fwd. Did @Hummie do this? Lol

Or is it . That deck is weird


Based on bigger research metasurf is Chinese company who most videos on youtube is chinease hub vangard based board… (logo matches)


Sorry Taiwanese


Is the truck axle strong enough to sustain the weight? I may be wrong but it looks like a regular skate size axle.


what the… where did this come from. you’d think they’d advertise in here :thinking:


Based on my thoughts they kinda oriented into Taiwanese market only…


If those motors are legit, we can make adapted hanger for them :smiley:


They probably are flywheel clones. Aren’t they like 50$ on aliexpress.


Someone needs to take one for the team, i have my wallet ready if they turn out to work well.

It should be somewhat easy to adapt them to any truck (With a long axle) and the HG-F.M-Z910 wire to standard bullet is again easy.


Nah I think you will need something similar to this with shaped end:


Wait… it’s front-wheel drive?


Appears to be rear wheel drive judging by the placement of the tiny arrow on the narrower side :thinking:


Only a complete fucking moron would sell an electric longboard that’s narrower right where you steer it. It must be front wheel drive. Or, it’s a complete turd designed by someone who does not ride longboards.