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Metasurf Direct Drive ?!



One last bump on polling for interest, I’ll be closing poll eod today:

Metasurf Direct Drive Gauge Interest for Potential Group Buy

I’ll be consolidating the info there and working with the owner on potential discounts + shaping the next batch of motors


Ok, some more info from my discussion with him. As a side note, gonna try and meet up with Haggyboard (@riverside.rider) maybe tomorrow? I’ll have to message him first though to see if he’s available :stuck_out_tongue:

The specs of the direct drive is the following:

  • Max continuous 60A, peak ?, but this seems to currently be limited by how much he’s actually tested and the phase wires/connector he’s using.
  • 60kv, recommends running on 12s or 13s (Metasurf completes are 13s1p)
  • 6365 motors
  • Unsensored
  • He doesn’t recommend going anywhere below 90mm, though 83mm is technically feasible. The only concern is motor clearance.

The specs of the esc enclosure and hot swap battery assembly is the following:

  • esc enclosure comfortably fits dual focboxes with space to spare and it’ll fit the flipsky 6.6 + antispark just fine
  • Battery enclosure fits 13s1p + bms. There’re a charge port on the battery enclosure so you can charge your battery separately
  • 4 thumb screws secure the battery enclosure onto the rail
  • battery enclosure -> esc enclosure connected by one xt60

He’s willing to sell basically all his parts for DIY, so if you’re looking at building a cruiser with swappable battery packs, this is basically your best bet at a nice injection molded/cnc’d enclosure. He’s also considering the ability to chain multiple packs together for multiple p’s though he said it won’t happen for a little bit since he’s busy. I also gave him feedback on the very… unconventional deck design. To be honest it wasn’t too fun to ride, I had more fun on the boxy cruiser than I did the weird sword thingy. He said he’d change it and that it was really more for experimentation than anything.

Here’re some more pics and a short bad video I managed to take of us riding around the 101. Sorry I was too excited and forgot to take a video of the drives up close… though they work about how you’d expect.


I like the short deck. Probably I missed is it wood? Does it have a kick tail?


Yes it’s wood and bamboo, it has a slight kicktail, it’s made at the same factory where Evolve makes their decks :stuck_out_tongue:


8mm aluminum axles…

i bet it’ll be ok for lightweight people doing nothing out of the ordinary on smooth streets.

but throw someone 200lb+ doing stupid shit on craggly streets and we’ll start seeing failures. we’ve all seen it happen to enertion’s, and they’re doing 10mm steel, right?

either way, i’m in. @sofu if you bring back some sets and they don’t get snatched up immediately by people in the bay area, i’ll take a set. i’m in LA.


Well that’s why we have to test it to prove it right? He said he’s definitely open to implementing any feedback and fixing any defects because he wants a great product eventually. Time for us to try and see if it holds up!

@thisguyhere If you’re willing to pay shipping to LA from SF, go ahead and DM me.


I’ll bet my left nut it’s not an aluminum axle.


How about the price and pics of small board?


It would bend the moment you went over curb :smiley:


Any chance you could ask them how it would perform with 10s4p pack ? I know 12s or 13s is what they suggest but just being curious about 10s.


Me: “How’s the flex on that deck”

Other guy: “It’s stiff, almost no flex”

I step on

Other guy: “wow! I’ve never seen that deck flex like that before”

There’s a reason I’m a sucker for carbon fiber like the Raptor 1 and Hummie decks. His offer of $300 seems like a great deal, but aluminum axle is a no go… especially if he want to use this community as testers for improvement. Is he planning to replace these $300 units once flaws are found and he make the needed improvements?

Also @sofu were you guys conversing in Chinese/Taiwanese or English? Any chance of details lost in translation?


Y’all can bet whatever nuts you want but I’m just telling you what he told me… I thought he meant steel axle aluminum truck as well but he even corrected me

Translation is:

“Right~ Sofu has a part that seems to respond wrongly, that is, our axle is 7075-T6 (aluminium alloy), not steel喔~”


could we politely ask for the drawing of the axle, so we could have a tempered steel one fabricated here in California (in case such components are not an option directly from Metasurf)? :slight_smile:


Never knew going skateboarding was 騎滑板. Actually never knew they were called 滑板.

Does anyone have experience with the strength of this 7075-T6 axle? @Sofu weighs maybe the same as one of my legs so she can’t be trusted on this matter


He said he will try and do whatever the DIY community here wants, so I think he can definitely try steel instead of aluminum if any problem arises. I’m going to clarify once again with him with this picture


Haha yes, quite literally “slippery board” and “going slippery boarding” :rofl:


Besides knowing how to read menus and ordering at Cantonese restaurants and talking with my mother. I hardly use Chinese.

You should invite him on here so he can see what we have to say. There are plenty of bent and broken trucks here that I fear the use of aluminum on something that takes so much abuse.

CarvOn uses and single piece of 12mm steel axle, it goes all the way through the CNCed hanger and is stepped down to 10mm. Haven’t seen any issues so far, I think that would be the way to go.


Well I sent him the thread and he’s actively reading it, but his English is quite bad by his own self admission so…


Alright guys the poll to shape the next batch of DD motors have CLOOOOSED!

We’ll be looking to see if we can get a batch of DD motors with the following specs:
Sensored! VS non sensored
80 AMPs vs 60 AMPs
70 KV vs 60 KV

Once confirmed (Current timeline 10/17) I’ll try to work with the owner on getting us a way to reserve motors on the next batch potentially at a discount. This will NOT be a pre order (I spoke to him he doesn’t like the idea either) Potentially reservation for a small refundable fee if it doesn’t ship before christmas. Unfortunately I highly doubt we will be able to take nuts as payment… especially left nuts :smiley:

Trucks and potentially other parts (I actually really like the enclosures… surprised no one else is asking for them) will most likely be online this weekend. Will let the group know when it happens unless someone else already noticed it going up.


ah right, the enclosure…forgot about that, did you include it into the poll?