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Metasurf Direct Drive ?!



To be honest …for my own riding needs I know I can have 8mm axle work for me. But on the long run 8mm is freaking bad …I am almost 100% sure that sooner or later we will have axles snapped or bent.

And as for 200kg tests …we all remember RAPTOR 2 - truck tests right ?


lmao…you wil be dead meat soon if you ride them hahahaha


the trucks remind me of the Revolt Alchemist.
even nice though…oh wait i meant the stealth division, sorry.


You take your Carvon off curbs? Jerry says not to do that but it could just be to cover his skin if someone manages to bend or break them. I did it a few times with my Wowgo and broke a Psychotiller enclosure that way.


sorry to hear your troubles…lol but I’m not getting off this thing and picking up a 20 pound board to the streets or to the sidwalk …you kittin me right meow…i have a duby to smoke this is Canada we are basically legal and my hand are full. one has the remote the other will have a mc-shitz cup with whiskey and pop …or a timmies horny coffee and bailys… lol…so for curbs or small stairs been riding street freestyle forever…hard not to ride how you have been for 20 years…now i just sweat less. But my breaking sliding pushing skills are slacking. these esk8 are spoiling me…if I can’t skate it …it’s not a fuckn skateboard to me…i don’t weigh alot but if I break them I won’t be going to Jerry crying and complaining looking for freebies…I’ll be asking for bigger Axel’s for my next set up i know I killed it…I killed 2 Acton blink boards now snapped trucks and shatterd hub motors insides to dust…but then this is another reason I got a couple of them torquedrive coming for me to beat on and i took the speed drives off my kicktale moonshine yesterday so now they are on a falcon no more trickster speeddrives the Evo can’t


The main problem with aluminum is cyclic loading, that’s happens all the time on our boards

With steel, once you are below certain stress value you can consider that it has infinite life, with aluminum it doesn’t happen, it will fail eventually, the only question is after how long

That’s why you have steel equipment working for decades and the landing gear on a airplane is replace every 500 landings


I wouldn’t say it’s the main problem…
It’s true the aluminum has no hard endurance limit, but it is still very high, like millions cycles high.

The main problem would be the stresses, very good aluminum is in par with shitty steel in terms of yield/failure stresses.
And good steel/alloy/tempered/whatever can be twice or more stronger than very good aluminum.

Sorry for cutting in on this tread…
There are several replies which speculate on good/bad design or guesses whether this or that diameter is enough… All have some merit but pointless without analysis and numbers.

Let the vendor present his design and judge on the results and field tests, which is what matters at the end.
I’m also curios to see what will happen with this product, just don’t kill it before it had some chance…
I can help with the calculations.

Dani (doing stress analysis since 2003, and not affiliated with any vendor)


I’m at the Metasurf shop right now. Guy is super cool and we’ve been talking and stuff for three hours+. Have pics and videos, will post soon!


Ok here’s the thing. He’s willing to do $300 USD for a set. This includes two direct drives and front and back trucks. I can bring a few sets back if there are any takers? Message me if you’re interested.


  • Max continuous 60A, peak ?
  • 60kv, recommends running on 12s or 13s (Metasurf completes are 13s1p)
  • 6365 motors
  • recommends 90mm+ abec, you can CNC your own mount for kegels if you want it’s easy to take apart

(Paging @longhairedboy, @jasonbhuynh, @Mobutusan, @topcloud etc)
@tm0587 convert USD pricing to TWD, it’s direct afaik



I think 300USD for a set doesn’t include international shipping since you’re probably bringing them back to the US in your suitcase. Hence it’s direct currency conversion like you said.

But if someone wants to buy the same set from their webstore, the cost will probably be higher.


surely the axle isn’t aluminum though? no one does that.


happy to help stake a group buy with a machinist on our forum to make the highest quality heat treated axle possible.


The axle is steel, hanger is aluminum. It was a miscommunication I think.

Correction: I was the one who miscommunicated. It is aluminum axle after all.


Did you test the board?
How is the torque??
How are the trucks?

Gr sam


I’d be interested in a truck that is not as wide for the right price.


I tested the board! We went for a ride around the 101. Torque was good, trucks were a bit wide for my taste but responsive. He’s very into downhill but also carving at slower speeds so trucks and setup were important to him. The boards are all 13s1p with hot swap battery packs. New controller is not ready yet but soon he says, so he’s using the standard nano v2 for now. Here he is

Btw he is willing to sell basically any component to the DIY community since he is a DIYer himself. The case can fit 2 FOCboxes or 1 flipsky 6.6, and there is provisions for hot swapping via the xt60 holes on the battery and ESC case. It’s pretty well done.


thanks @sofu for all these details Metasurf seems a really nice surprise :slight_smile:


I have more info and pics forthcoming! Just gotta get home to write it. Already bringing 4 sets back from Taiwan and he specifically said he wants people to beat on it to find potential issues. He’s planning on doing revisions up until right before christmas.

Pic of early ESC prototype case. I thought it was funny


You are right.



i have a hardtail mountainbike from Cube which is made out of aluminium and ride the shit out of it, even going over the limits it was designed for, so i agree that its important how its made and designed.