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Metasurf Direct Drive ?!


The enclosure, isnt he using 13s1p?


I didn’t… no one said anything about it… he’s willing to sell it thats confirmed… he just need to post it on the site. Needs time… to price it out… trucks first :wink:


ya I was thinking of getting the enclosure empty and sticking 12s1p and focboxes in there or maybe even getting the enclosure and the battery… and stick a flipsky 6.6 dual in there. The package is kinda nice… beats a lunchbox


Various pictures of bent truck from the forum, no English needed. I would write in Chinese but I don’t know how to say hanger and axle and whatnot. If he insist on using aluminum, a lot of testing would be needed before he commits on bigger production.
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cool, is the bottom out metal? or is everything plastic?


good question… I actually don’t know…I shall ask… hopefully its metal frame with plastic top…


same thought, that would be rly nice for the esc’s, some passive cooling( yes i know it is just mass added not rly cooling)


Include @skunk pic


well wouldn’t want it to be all metal… i think that screws with the controllers signal but ya getting the refined look is always the hard part could probably get a few and mod them to daisy change together for more range :smiley:


The ESC enclosure is milled (steel or aluminum I need to confirm) and the battery module he has a couple versions of. The picture I took was the prototype injection molded one. The ESC enclosure he’s currently building with has standoffs for FOCboxes but he said he needs to integrate the direct fet heatsink blocks into the enclosure for cooling.



Thank you, I have been trying to find a translation to refine my search keywords on taobao for some time now. Kept getting freaking scooters instead.


try hua滑板 长板

the 2nd term is longboard


i think in chinese, they dont separate trucks with hanger, the entire thing they just call it 支架.

axle will be 中轴


Thanks dude, I guess dancing is pretty popular in china.


You know that the technique of tempering steel is older than the state of california? i think it also reached far east


I might be interested in the battery solution - but i can’t find it in the shop. Any information about when it will be available there, or is it better to contact via email?


Yea. It blew up after the video of the Korean girl started doing the dancing routine on the longboard


Give a sec… owner is working on listing all the parts… This took him by surprise so he still needs to price things out. He is going to get the truck listed first then the rest of the parts :slight_smile: He started out planning to sell completes not parts. He is really happy with the interest but needs a little time to it sorted out


A little size comparison. You can tic tac around on the shorter board


Another quick note about the motor, it has 3 phase wires BUT it doesn’t use bullet connectors. If you get it now you’d have to make an adapter or split it up. Next batch (if it does take off) should have separate beefier wires to make it easier to for us vesc users to deal with.