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LaCroix Board Co. -- wood and CF deck + segmented flex carbon fiber enclosure -- GROUP BUY [COMPLETED]


Thank you. I’ll try to discover some better roads :wink:


Sorry to ask here, but is there a build log with this types of tires ? (solide/foam filled)


I didn’t find a build but found feedback on something similar:


wow thanks for the quick reply bro ! Looks like it could be a good test for sciences ! Like I ride @ <29PSI … I will maybe try that next spring now :blush:


As @Grozniy linked, my tires were solid rubber with ultra heavy mega breaking resistance :laughing:

The tire of Aliexpress is a real tire (nylon) filled with foam. On the tire you see “inflate to 36 psi”. I don’t know how much the foam changes the rolling resistance but it doesn’t look bad. Give it a try.

I had flats all the time and once twice a day. I was carrying 2 spare tubes and tools in my backpack. It was a PIA. Since I use tire sealant (for bicycle tubes) I had no single flat and it’s great to ride without spare tubes and fear of the next flat.

A bottle (for 2 bicycle tubes) is enough for 8x tubes. The first time I used 1 bottle for 4 tubes but that’s not necessary. No flats but if the tire explodes it looks like that :laughing:


attempted a review on this board, let me know if I missed anything or have any wrong info in there. Was in a rush to get this done.


Wow, best review I’ve seen yet.
Good job! Glad you are enjoying it.



Dear all,

@pat_arch , my brother with whom I co-founded the LaCroix Board Co. has decided 2 weeks ago to depart to focus on personal and family endeavours.

I am thankful that Pat has helped put in place efficient processes and his departure will not impact production nor will it have an effect on our ship times.




Seems like you guys doing a beautiful job of organizing things. Keep up the good stuff!


Is there a way to reverse the remote switch so the board goes forward when the thumb switch is rolled aft?
I thought you could hold the pair button down for 5-10 seconds and that would do it. However mine won’t do that.


Thanks for letting us know, Alex.
You guys have done an awesome job with the LaCroix product and have certainly raised the bar in so many areas. All the best to your bro and his family endeavours.


@daj013, I do not know how to make your request happen, but my question for you: What is the advantage you find to reverse the throttle ?


I had a Evolve GTX with the R1 remote. That remote worked the same way, when you pulled the throttle back you would go forward. I have ordered a Psychotiller custom board as well an it uses the standard RC mini remote. The throttle function on that works the same way, pull the lever back and you go forward, push the lever forward and you apply the brakes. Since I will be using both boards, they both will function the same way and I won’t have to remember that I am using a different remote.


For safety reasons, it’s better to pull forward to go forward. The reason being is “whisky throttle”. When one falls or panicks, the natural reaction is to close the hands, in this case it could be to pull back on the lever. So if the throttle is reversed, board could fly forward :man_shrugging:


@daj013: I understood your concern. I will suggest you to modify all your boards to use the same remote. (You’re lucky you have thing to work with during winter time)

@Grozniy : Thanks for the “whisky throttle” I will remember for ever! I drink to that!


Actually when you fall forward you open your hand.


Hey Guys. Here’s my initial impressions riding on the Lacroix for the first 20 miles. Full review will come next week. :slight_smile: Have a great weekend and ride on!


I tried putting on some 8 inch tires on the Lacroix and all was well until I got to the rears… looks like I’m going to need longer pulley spacers on the rear wheels or perhaps move the motors up in the mounts but that will just tighten the belts… Any suggestions… @Arch


Nice review man. Finally, someone who pronounces the brand correctly!
Looking forward to your full review.


How much more space do you need ? the motor gears can move like 2-3 millimeters more in towards the motor.