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LaCroix Board Co. -- wood and CF deck + segmented flex carbon fiber enclosure -- GROUP BUY [COMPLETED]


Are you on the 16T pulley? If not, it’s really really tight.


If all else fails here is a link that could help.


I’m on 20T - board came stock like that… I’m waiting on the resupply to get the other goodies from y’all… (16T pulleys, spare wheel, etc)


I’m no DIY guy but dammit I can change tires and fix flats now… How do I move the motor gears in towards the motor… I could probably figure it out but I don’t wanna strip or trash anything… too soon!!!


Invest in a good set of allen key


Not sure if there’s anything more annoying than stripping a head with a cheap ass allen key


Ha I got so many sets its not even funny…

I’m thinking loosen both sides and move the pulley closer (inward)… using 2 mm


Ah got it. Those will ship in the next few weeks. It’ll be easier with the 16T.


Anyone has made a 3D print for a motor guard yet. I have I 3D printer but suck at making designs


On the LaCroix Board, will the 7" Evolve tires and tubes work on the LaCroix rims? What other choices do I have?


Trying out the gummies with 1/2" of risers. I’ll let you all know how the ride is and how the range is improved.


I am so damn curious about the actual ride quality on this.


LOL!!! I spent a couple of hours taking off the 8" tires that were rubbing on the motor pulleys and putting on 7" evolve tires and tubes… I didn’t want to start my compressor at 2am and wake up the neighbors so I’ll fill them up tonight… Maybe I’ll ride Sunday but they fit the mbs rockstar rims for sure…:ok_hand:t6:


On smooth pavement the gummies are super good, real grippy, super reactive, they give a real kick when accelerating and they drag a lot less when coasting. I kinda prefer carving on pneu though, they carve a bit more abruptly, maybe I should try tightening my shockbocks a bit more.

On bad pavement they really stressed my build though, a lot of rattling, I had to retighten everything on arrival.
They feel a lot less grippy as soon as there’s a bit of small gravel or sand on the road, or on irregular pavement… no carving there.

I have to say though it still felt very rideable thanks to shock absorbing risers and mostly to the Lacroix deck and its flex.

Range wise I did get the same range I usually have with 6.5" at 85 PSI, though i had to battle against a strong headwind most of the way, and I did not slow down or tuck it out, just kept my snowboard stance.

I was afraid to scar my enclosure with only 1/2" risers; it’s a little lower than normal but it worked, I did not hit anything, even when carving hard.


What are the bumps above the trucks for? Does it help in any way?



@daj013 Curses!!! I just put some air in the evolve 7" street tires and they rub on the motor pulleys too. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! This is some Bullshit!!! I can’t believe this!!! I think there’s just enough clearance If I put a washer on the rear axle first then mount the wheel. Dammit I now know why this is called DIY… This is Madness… I can’t even ride this board tomorrow… I gotta get some more washers first… ARRRGGGGHHHHH!!! Hey @Arch Please redesign or get some new motor mounts that will allow the seamless use of 7" & 8" tires… To be restricted to the stock tires or smaller is a no go IMO…


Just an XT90S loopkey cause I don’t trust antispark switches.
Here’s my build thread for more pics : Fire, Walk with me : Lacroix carver / Matrix II / dual SK3 6374 190kv / Escapes / 12S5P vtc6 / 6.5" superstar / UNIK mounts


Get yourself a shock pump. They work like a charm :ok_hand:t3:


After changing these tires so many times I’m not doing anymore manual labor… My bicycle floor pump has been staring me in the face from the start…:+1:t6::wink:

just got some more speed rings… Wish me luck…:pray:t6:


So I’m waiting off on changing the original 7" wheels on the LaCrox until its confirmed that I can use the Evolve wheels. However if given the choice, I would rather put the pyschotiller sixShooter wheels on the board.
Would these work without too many modifications?


They would clear with some reduced ground clearance. What you would also need some different sized bearings for the 6 shooters. That would be freggin sweet though