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LaCroix Board Co. -- wood and CF deck + segmented flex carbon fiber enclosure -- GROUP BUY [COMPLETED]


You just flip the switch while your going, without holding the throttle, right? I mean its definately not a throw off the board kind of change for me but maybe i just gotta get a better feel for it


That’s weird cause I’m 225lbs and I’ve gone up steep hills after doing 10+ miles with the quickness… and I mean quick…I’ve actually passed cars while accelerating up very steep hills without issue. And there is most definitely a noticeable difference between eco & fast modes… If you can’t tell then I don’t know what to say… :neutral_face:

Ride Safe…:+1:t6:

DSS50+ and 40psi (board is stock out of the box)


After riding more today, yes there is definitely a noticeable difference between eco/regular.


Do you have the 16t pullys on it?


Yeah i just got launched up the steepest hill i could find after swapping to the 16t problem solved


I can’t get the App to connect to my board. Any reason why or method on how to make the connection? Is it because the latest version of the app?


Okay, got a flat on the 4th day. Watched the Evolve video about taking the tube out.

I’m having a bitch of time trying to get it patched. I’m using the glueless patches and they seem to not do the job well.

There was more than one leak on the tire too.

What are the best options for getting new tubes? Order them from Evolve? and BTW how are the Evolve pneumatic tires? Or is there a better option for getting new tubes? Options for ordering them from Amazon?




Before reassembling the tire on the wheel, put tire liners it work like magic on my bicycle.
It protects the tube if a sharp object passes through the tire.
There several brand, all work well.
Take one that is wide enough to cover the contact surface of the wheel.


ive been told by bike repair guys that those are just mainly gimmicky, and further, if not installed perfectly, they can actually pinch a tube and cause a leak.


It work very well for me, I might installed them perfectly each time :wink:
I will not remove the 4 wheels of the board to install them, I will wait
to have an issue and introduce them one by one.

Better have a low leak then walk home.


Maiden voyage today
Went 32.2km/h drawn 17wh/km.
Almost ate the pavement but was able to run it off.

This is my gear

And this is the road

Love the board :heart_eyes:


That’s a horrible road, keep in mind this board is designed for the street. Not trails and off road use, the enclosure is low to the ground. You also will get a flat pretty quick with all those rocks.

On roads I hit 50 km/h + often.


Unfortunately that’s the only road I have


Get some knobbies for that and move up to 8 inch tires to give you some more ground clearance… :+1:t6:

Ride Safe…:v:t6:


Nice gear, mean roads. I’d get some thin HDPE or thin cutting board type material and glue some properly sized skid plates to the bottom of the enclosure. At least try to save some of that beautiful carbon from getting eaten by rock monsters.


You should get one wheel to ride on that crappy road.


From someone that always lived in urban areas of major cities I have to say, you live in a really beautiful place.


That’s an awesome idea. I’ll try to fix it with duct tape.


I’ll try one from AliExpress

http://s.aliexpress.com/rqaiaANn?fromSns=Copy to Clipboard)