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High Speed Build


I think you’re better off building a board that gets solid low thirties and good range and just take a different roundabout route


This board will probably weigh 30 lbs or more due to all the cells you need to strap to it.

Don’t run stop signs and red lights or topple over old ladies at crosswalks and police probably won’t care. Often that is the case.


There is a huge difference between 30mph and +40. I mean huge. The slightest movement or weight change can have a catastrophic result if you don’t know what you’re doing. Riding +40 on roads with cars is tantamount to suicide if you are inexperienced. Small rocks can undo you, sticks will see you in the air and going that fast your manoeuvrability is severely hindered. My advice is to build a 30mph board with torque. Lots of torque and stick to the bike lanes.


You really don’t think a cops going to Blink an eye at someone on a skateboard trying to keep up with traffic in the middle of the road going over 35 miles per hour?


I am taking a roundabout route, its a two lane road with a 35 speed limit rather than the highway with a 55 speed limit. I just want the extra speed incase I need it. I intend to stay closer to the 35 mark.


They tend to not down here. SO long as you dont speed they really don’t care


Lies. Absolute bold faced lies. You want a 40mph board because you are 19 and indestructible. :rofl:
I was exactly the same and still am tbh. :sunglasses:


I’ll just say I’ll drive my board like I drive my car, if there is something infront of me I’ll go the speed its going :wink:


Just be careful sunshine thats all I’m saying and all I can say as my latest set up does that shit.


Hopefully people where you live are good drivers. Im fucking nuts and i don’t trust other drivers at those speeds to ride with traffic.


I’ll be sure to keep that in mind


I suppose it can vary widely across the world for many factors buy generally yes. 35 is a bit fast but like @Phillisuper said it wouldn’t be the for the majority of the trip. You do have to be very careful at those speeds though especially in an urban environment.

How’s the traffic where you live Phil?


They do in my state. Anything over 25 needs a license and registration.


It depends on the time of day. I live in the Capital city so afternoons are really bad on the highway. Since I stay on the smaller roads though and they only really go to and from the college/surrounding neighborhoods we really only get traffic on the weekends when everyone is either coming from or going home.


just talk to @Skunk abt his injuries.


I’ll look into that. I know a few officers so ill ask and if they aren’t sure I’ll get in contact with the DMV


Hey what can i say. I live for adrenaline


no don’t. then’ll they’ll find u and take ur boards. jk


I only live in New Orleans part time since i board at LSU. The big one will stay up there so the NO cops can’t get it lol


In reality the cops aren’t worried about you or your safety going those speeds, they’re worried about you causing an accident in traffic at those speeds.
And if you cause an accident you don’t exactly have skateboard insurance to cover the damages…