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So I am trying to decide what to use for my first build and am looking for advice. I decided to build a board because no production board offered quite what I wanted. I plan on using this board to commute on a 35 mph road so my speed goal is at least 40 mph on the top end,preferably 45. I also want a range of at least 25 miles per charge. I plan on building my own battery with Samsung 30Q’s. I am thinking 10s4p or 12s4p. My problem comes when I get to the VSEC and Motors. I want to use atleast 97mm wheels and gearing down to a 2:1 reduction. I plan on having a dual motor set up. My real questions are, should I use one VSEC or 2. Also, should I go with a higher Kv for my motor or no? I know that I have the potential to reach higher speeds with a higher Kv motor, but with larger wheels and the gear ratio I am worried about losing too much torque (all the roads here are flat, I’m more worried about over taxing the motors by removing that much torque). Any suggestions for motors and VSEC? Also do you think the battery, gear reduction, and wheel size will get me to the 40-45 in the real world (im 155 lbs)? Thanks for your help.


ok that range for that speed with that battery is not possible. If you drive it that fast you burn alot.
This calculator will help you with that.
Each motor need one controller.


What would you recommend for the battery? How many cells can you run parallel?


how many you want. I suggest you read the FAQ’s and search around.



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I am not sure you are realising what you are getting yourself into.
Riding an electric skateboard at 40-45mph around cars commuting is a sure way of getting yourself seriously injured.


Obviously it’s recommended to use the search function cuz most of this information is out there.
Sometimes people will hand feed you the answers and sometimes the guys will Hackle you like this.
Don’t take it personally, keep thick skin.

If you searched and searched and searched and honestly can’t find your answer
Ask here Noob question thread! 😀 ask your questions here!

If it’s a topic that has never been discussed then a new thread is appropriate.

I think going your gonna want bare minimum at 12d6p.
Keep in mind that’s going to take a while to charge so if you plan on making that trip more than once a day you better have a few hours in between


Go Vesc 6 for this thing. And yes, you are going to need at least 6p. Do you have downhill experience?? 45mph is crazy


In my opinion if you want to go 35+ mph on roads with cars maybe consider an ebike. It’ll be more stable. But if you do want a electric skateboard you’re going to want dual (for better breaks just as much as the better acceleration). Probably 12s5 or 6p and dual 6374s.


I am using it to commute at university, the majority of the time I will be a 25 (because most roads there are that limit). The reason I want the ability to go that speed is incase I want to go somewhere close like the drug store or a restaurant, I dont want to have to move my car (parking is really bad at LSU). The limit on that road is 35 so my primary goal is to go 35. If i am maxing out at 35 though cars are going to try to pass me and then I really am in serious danger. I would prefer to have the ability to move a bit faster should I need to. I have full biker gear (full face helmet, leather jacket, pads) I am trying to mitigate risks as much as I can. The way I see it though, I’m safer going the speed of the cars around me than going slower than them and having them trying to pass me.


I have a little, I live outside New Orleans so the only hill I have is the bridge that crosses the intercoastal water way. the fastest I’ve gone to date though is just over 30. So would a Vesc 6 be better then running two Vesc 4s?


You’ll probably want a focbox unity. They’re super robust. You can read about @longhairedboy 's experience with it. Idk about vesc 6s. If ou really want a vesc 6 you can either get them from trampa at about $300 a piece or get a dual vesc 6 from flipsky for about $270. Idk how good quality the flipsky are tho.


ok that is not rly practical. If you want to go that fast and you always slap on your gear, you are probably faster with a car. Also have you ever riden that fast? As a commuter that board will be heavy and big. But at the end it is your decision.


if this is ur first board, thats pretty challenging. Going that fast might get u hurt if you’ve never ridden a eboard. i was wanting a top of the line board really fast and really good range but then i was practical. (plus im 12 so going 30mph is pretttyyyyy stooooopiiiidddd to do.) anyways, u can go 35, but the range won’t be that good. if u want a board thats super good, get a @longhairedboy or a @Kaly board thats top of the line. If u wanna build something somewhat close, ur gonna need a hella good battery.


Its not about it being faster to get there with my car, its about moving my car. My res-hall doesn’t have its own lot so it’s a hastle to find a decent spot if I leave in the middle of the day. The only time it is easy to find a spot is between 7 and 12 when the majority of the bar hopping is going on. I know its gonna be heavy, I have another board I use to get to classes, this one is meant to take me to destinations that require transit on a high speed limit road. I am hoping to keep it below 30 lbs (25 would be great)


This will be my 3rd eboard, just my first diy. Plus I’m 19 so my teenage mind refuses to take no for an answer lol.