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High Speed Build


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I’ll try and word this a bit differently for you.

We aren’t trying to discoutage you because we are jelous. We say don’t do it because it’s outright dangerous. All these people have chimed in because they are concerned that you will end up with a board that goes super fast, you jump on it and lose control and seriously injure or even kill yourself in a traffic incident.

By the sounds of it you have a couple of production boards and yes, some of them can go decent speeds but none of them are even close to what you are looking at doing. There are a few here that came from downhill and I can guarantee myself Once you hit 35mph, you do not want to have a wobble or obstacle in front of you.

Just take a moment and see what other have done and are building. I’m looking forward to seeing your build thread. It will be awesome seeing another diy board in the scene :smile:


I know y’all are just looking out for me lol. I more want to do it just to do it. I will likely do just that, ride above 35, get a speed wobble and never ride it again (or crash who knows lol). If it makes sense, I want to build it to go as fast and as far as possible and see what happens. We’ll see where it goes though. Build thread will likely not happen for a while because the FB unity will take several months to ship. Maybe ill post when I build my 13s6p batter.



Here is my advice in terms of the actual board. You want bindings and pneumatics on 16” trucks. At those speeds, you need the wider trucks for stability. And bindings are crucial to recovering from bad roads. Would never go faster than 25 without bindings. Pneumatics will get better traction which will be paramount for you.


Thanks, do you have a specific truck you recommend from experience? Although I’ve done a little downhill my main area of familiarity is with cruiser boards.


I’ve used all of the @trampa 16” trucks with good success. @MBS also makes great quality trucks.


Careful, 45mph will give you the wobbles, watch me ride at that.


That is the basis of my recommendation. To try and avoid speed wobbles by getting super wide trucks and smooth pneumatics


I think there’s a point where wide becomes less stable tho too.
Look at any downhill longboarding truck. They rock 179mm and under.
Pneumatic definitely have better grip. But they cut your range by a noticeable amount.


Going 40-45 is crazy fast on a board. I have gone max 35 and I don’t plan to go faster any longer like I used to think I would.

This is not because it isn’t doable but because it’s gonna hurt when you fall and you might break a bone or two not to mention get run over since you are going to do it on a road.

Be sure to put on that gear every time and never once think you’ll be fine without any of it ever.

I have fallen going 23mph from a wobble I caught from an edge on a bike path and all I was wearing was a half shell skate helmet and no other gear. This broke my shoulder socket, blade, collarbone, and a few ribs which resulted in my lung collaps too.

Here is how it looks to put a little reality into your perspective.

Luckily I was wearing jeans pants and jacket or I would have had serious road burn too.
It was a full on sideways dive and slide into my left side. My head luckily hardly touched the ground since I automatically make sure of that when I fall appearently.
I never ride without full body armor and full face helmet since and knee pads too.

I also never have to ride on roads since there are plenty of bike paths to go around here in the Netherlands.

Having said all this I do look forward to this fast build of yours.

I run a 12s6p 30q with 6374 maytech motors on a 15/36 gearing on 97mm which gives me a nice and comfortable 32mph top speed.
The acceleration is awesome and it’s all I care for now. Even going from 20 to 30 kicks ass.

I use escape for controller.
Settings are:
80 motor max
-60 motor min
60 batt max
-30 batt min

Range I still need to test further but with the current 41F and occasional 30mph sprints but usually 25 mph constants I get just 25 miles out of the battery and I need to stay under 20 for the last 5 miles until the battery is empty at 34 volts.

I expect it to be at least 25% better with warmer temperatures.


I touch low 30s taking off with traffic here and there. The jump to 40 is crazy. I only do it in empty, especially flat parking lots, and then Post to Instagram my runs for good measure. :+1:


Wide trucks are meant for carving though. Smaller trucks allow less leverage and thus minor adjustments make less difference? Right?


Just completed a Torqueboards Pro3 12s4p dual 6374 belts geared 14-36 on 97mm wheels. Today I checked my top speed by gps, and It’s a fraction over thirty.

Second the fullface helmet, knees, body armor and sliding gloves. Yesterday I had a crash that would have sent me to the ER, but instead I just hopped back on and kept going.