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High Speed Build


ohhhh, u should’ve put that up there. (or i didn’t read carefully). what boards? that’ll give us ur experience in a nutshell. and how long have u had them/miles?


I own a Koowheel (yes a very shitty chinese board) which only got like 23 mph. My newest board is the Backfire Galaxy 2S which I have gotten 26 out of. Ive been long-boarding since I turned 16, but didn’t pick up eboarding until just over a year ago. Im certainly more seasoned in long-boarding than I am in DIY. The whole reason I got into this idea was because I didnt want to buy a Boosted Stealth or Evolve GTX (boosted didnt have desired specs and I hear evolve’s are anything but reliable).


also, 10s4p will not get u close to that range and speed. 12s4p maybe will get u closer. u’ll need a better battery than that. get a 13sSomething or maybe this will get u closer:

a 12s8p is really good and @eboosted makes some good enclosures that can go with Trampa’s Holypro deck:


I plan on making my own battery, perhaps a 13s6p, as I see the focbox unity can apparently handle it


yeah basically. even the jump of 26 to 30 is huge, or at least the feeling. now going 40 on a car might not seem crazy speeds, but think abt it. ur standing on a deck: a helmet and armour are the only things blocking u from the concrete.

how fast have u gone on a longboard before? not an eboard but a longboard.


A bit above 30. I didn’t have a speed app up but my friend that was driving behidn me to keep me from getting hit said we were above 30 the majority of the time.


damn. well i think ur ready but 45 would turn my legs to jelly. :rofl: i think u’ve done ur research well, but 45 speed and 25 range is almost impossible with todays tech. i think u could get a really high top speed but a meh range.


I really don’t need 25, it is more of a “perfect set up” scenario. 15 would do fine


the furthest I actually plan on taking it is like 4 miles, I just want extra so I’m not running out of juice on the way back


Theres really not a large number for members gearing thier boards for above 35mph.
Just a few above 40mph.
Lots of out boards will. But most chose to gear towards acceleration.
So you need to go 35+ because of traffic?. I take it you’ll be riding in the middle of the road than?


I totally get making sure you have extra battery so you’re never be without. luckily you have multiple boards so you should always have one charging.
Keep in mind. Bigger battery longer charge.


oh. idk what i was doing but i put in ur battery and 2wd and 30:15 (2:1) and got 44.95 mph and 14.5 range. u just check it out:


That is the plan, I’d prefer to move the same speed as the cars so they regard me as another vehicle, not half their speed and end up getting clipped when they pass me.


Do you know what the laws are for e powered things in your state?
Going 20s on a board doesn’t get cops attention very often. going 35 + in the middle of the road does


from site:


The state of Louisiana (LA) defines electric bikes as a motorized bicycle with pedals and propelled by human power with a helper motor or both. The motor must be rated no more than 50cc, have an automatic transmission and designed to have a maximum speed of not more than 25mph on flat surface.


good luck my dude.


From what I can tell they are not mentioned whatsoever. There is no statutes about (electric vehicles). The closest I could find were laws on mopeds and The laws certainly don’t apply to these (and even if they did, the law was have a valid license which I have)


There are no esk8 laws in Oregon but I fall under moped laws of non-motorized vehicles be default


look up :point_up:


Exactly so it’s a grey area. A cop will see you going about 20 through campus and not think much. But by going 35+ through traffic and they are more inclined to pull you over. All it takes is one asshole cop to pull you over and confiscate your board.