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General Carvon Thread - V3 - V4 SD - V4 XL and future products



You using 12s or 10s?


Is everything running like normal after a restart? I’m assuming failsafe was checked on the remote so it doesn’t break when disconnection happens? GT2B I know.


12S ! Might be the culprit you think ?


Yup after my fall I could use the board normally and go home ( painfully ) i have not rebooted board/remote whatever so that’s why i think it’s related to the motors.

For more safety i will try to remove failsafe and see


Yes they said something similar if you read the comments it clogs at 12s for torque drives


Here’s the exact quote this is for torque drives I don’t think there’s no known issues with the other drives at 12s @ElskerShadow


i feel stupid now because i bought a 12S pack because jerry told me it was recommended on instagram. Anyway don’t they use 12s3p for the evo ?
I went to their website and saw the new 10S recommendation…


I’m pretty sure the speed drives are fine with 12s. Isn’t the EVO 12s? Derek used 12s in his builds


At least they’ve always advertised the drives with 12S as far as i can tell…


So your fall was with a speed drive not torque drive right. I got a 12s3p planned for speed drives


Yup I only have speed drives V3 for now i have V4 coming next batch as well. I don’t need the extra torque, speed drives are already insane imo.


Reread what I said, I thought u had torque drives. I’ll say it again I don’t think there have bin Any known issues with speed drives r using 12s maybe post your vesc settings or the vesc over heated ?


Could you post a photo of the motors that did this?


I was saying for torque drives @Mikenopolis


Will post Vesc setting later.
No overheat for sure because it was after a 10 min ride with no hills at -1 celsius
And i had overheat problems in the past and it would only kill torque, nothing more.


Don’t u think that’s a bit to cold to riding around



I myself is getting me a battery shipped from Baja tommorw finally done and its 12s6p 30q BMS bypass for my carvons


as long it’s not raining or pavement is wet I aways ride don’t care if it’s -10, i have all protection including gloves & full face helmet so cold is not really a problem. I am extra carefull tho as i learned the hard way a fall during winter is not the same than in summer…


My shred light worked as a front bumper :thinking: