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General Carvon Thread - V3 - V4 SD - V4 XL and future products

Just seen this post from carvon today…


I’ve been wondering how these handle rocks, because even my truks are wasted despite higher clearance​:thinking::thinking:


This is something smart… sort of like ‘‘direct wheel drive’’… only that the motor connects the wheel via hub not extra gear.

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I have a single carvon v2 setup and the hub is still going strong after hundreds of miles of abuse. So far rocks have only caused cosmetic damage to the metal sleeve on the can.

Man, Jerry does have some tricks up his sleeves. I wish he would come back to the forum.


So the wheel bearings carry the weight load and not the motor bearings?

There site is down at the moment

This looks awesome for 3 reasons :

  • Wheel interchangeability
  • If my observation are correct the wheel is now held by the truck’s axel and not by the motor, this would greatly reduce the mechanical stress compared to a hub motor (No lever effect)
  • Also, we could fit WAY bigger stators without sacrificing on urethane.

Never thought about it, and now it seems so obvious !

Definitely going to copy this for a DIY build with a hollow shaft BLDC !

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@chaka new drive train similar concept. Like the way these are evolving!

Have a couple hundred miles on my V2 and it’s fair share of hits. Still runs perfectly. Only damage is on the sleeve.


Last time I spoke to him he said these are still far away from being actually out. He was focused on the v2.5 and his complete board offerings. The carvon v3s and the evo board are like on his back burner. From what it looks like we may see them mid 2017.

There will be an 85 Kv version and a 116 kv version.

Pic looks awesome, I want some of these so bad! Swap on some 107s if they will fit without sanding down…

maybe thats why he jumped off the forum?? So he can work faster at getting v3 out??

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:wink: Skip to 4:50


Just got my v2.5 duals. Are you running FOC? Need to configure 2 Olin vesc tomorrow on 12s2p but have never run FOC or even know FOC motor detection vs BLDC. Any guidance or settings, or should I just stick BLDC. Jerry @carvon guided me to vesc FOC motor detection and you are set.

that board looks really good!

Looking forward to swapping in all-terrain wheels on the fly :slight_smile:

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Will hubs be able to handle AT wheels??

Good point. I’m thinking that maybe if you have 4 hubs as powerful as these, then maybe they can. I wonder if there are any examples out there…

If only Jerry was here to answer that … should go stalk him on Instagram and see wazzz up😉

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