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General Carvon Thread - V3 - V4 SD - V4 XL and future products



What about the longevity of your board such as battery and motors and vesc, I thought they had a operation tempeture that had to be at least 50f


I have 12S5p and even now in the winter it’s hard to finish the battery straight because motors will always overheat ( in city cruising configuration with lots of braking and hard acceleration, won’t happend when you just ride constantly without stopping really like on a long bike path ).
It’s a bit annoying so That’s actually why i’m planning to go 4WD. Even more since derek shown us that efficiency was really great in 4WD


That’s why I chose the XL bigger motors can handle or generate less heat. And now imagine 4WD XL torque demparment is going to be there.


My board is always stocked a nice temperatures and commute time is around 15 mins for me.
I can’t believe, 15 mins of cold would damage anything in the long run ( it’s never above - 7 / -10 this winter and mostly nice temps around 0 / 5 degrees )


Yeah but the torque on the speed drives is already crazy good for me :stuck_out_tongue:
I love the speed drive because it’s just so dead silent… it’s like there’s no motors or anything
I am clearly impatient to recieve the rubber sleeves because my streets are givin those drives a hard time… but will it increase overheat ?


My knowledge is bigger motors basically a bigger heat sink and since its bigger it doesn’t stress the motor as much which means less heat
(Someone correct me if am wrong )


You are completely right about this. It don’t necessarily need to be big tho. It can be longer as well for example hummie’s hubs ( hope we’ll get them in 1 month or 2 ) to dissipe more heat.

But bigger don’t means necessarily that you will have less heat. R2 hubs don’t over heat but are most of the time in the 80 - 90 degrees celsius wich is a lot. ( according to the 3 times i had the occasion to ride it )


I haven’t done anything but take them out of the box… first impression? Solid and we’ll built. They are hevier than I thought they would be, but when you figure x2 motors, hanger; base plate it’s within normal weight.


Manner what did you order? And how come you already got yours :wink:


Carvon v4 TorqueDrives, I ordered from the carvon website just like everyone else. There’s been a few people that have ordered these recently.


Hue hue… ok I know yeah TorqueDrives are in stock. It’s the speed drives that has the whole fix the hangar machining issue.


Heard back from Jerry today: Machine shop said the axles should be shipping this week. We’re preparing the shop and interviewing potential staff.


Dude I’ve had mine sitting here since last week. Haven’t done anything more than look at them just yet. I need to get a battery and before that a new deck. I can’t decide what type though.
You’re right about the bulk. I don’t mind it they feel tough, actually they feel TUFF :joy:


Yeah get that stuff in and make more of them :grinning:
I crave some


They definitely feel solid. I’m going to use them on a @treenutter bludgeon. You should check them out.


I can’t wait to get mine :drooling_face:


On a @treenutter caldera w/ @psychotiller magic touch for me!


What wheels are you going to put on, 97s?


I’m gonna use MBS Unstoppables in orange with orange and black grip. Should look good.


I’m planning to go with some 6shooter for my Bludgeon…mmmmm… with pretty shiney dual 6374s grom @barajabali . I wish I went ahead and ordered two sets of the XLs for the bludgeon with the 6shooters. Oh well.

Im going to put the XLs on a DB long boards Crossbow Flex 3 (the stiffest) with 97s. Im about to start the plug to make an enclosure for it. Im going to make it sectional (kaly style) to accomodate flex. I think it will be a blast!

I have all these projects going. I really need to start a few build threads for my inevitable dumb questions and for a place for picrures instead of merely inundating the picture thread :joy: